Sale announcement and item preview

Its "Cyber Monday" the day with all the online deals and my shop is no exception. Starting yesterday, everything in the shop is 35% off until tonight at 11pm!
If you're buying, today is the day to do it...ALSO if you follow me on twitter watch for my secret code to save you an ADDITIONAL 20%! Dang thats a lot of savings!

As for things coming to the shop this week....
leopard beret
another leopard beret
red cape with hood and puff shoulders
perfect christmas plaid jacket
new years party dress
viking horn goblets and silver string bead necklace
gift wrapped brooch
silver mink poodle brooch
ugly sweater dress for the kiddies
A-DARN-DORABLE scottie dog cardi for the kiddies
Austrian wool cape with gorgeous buttons and navy trim
pink beaded pom brooch

I'll have more later in the week, this should've been last week's update but because of the holiday we didn't get to go shopping until late.
before those deals are gone ;)


Alicia said...

I think I have to know more about that amazing poodle brooch!! It might make an awesome gift for my mom.

Stephanie Lynn said...

OOOOH! I've been looking for a nice cape!

Bombshell Bettie said...

Alicia, that little brooch almost wasn't going to the shop. I had bought it for myself...but I <3 my shoppers too much so I do the "if it doesn't sell, i'll keep it" and you snatched it up quick. I hope your mom likes it :)

Stephanie. both capes are now listed!

St├ęphanie said...

I adore everything !