Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sale

I'm having a 25% off Sale today through Saturday!

Thanksgiving was great, it was small and easy with just the hubs family...we usually do thanksgiving with everyone but I couldn't get the days off this year so we just had a small gathering at our house. We made all the classics, turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole (my fav), cranberries, rolls, hubs' brother and SIL brought over a yummy sweet potato and banana dish and the hubs' mom made pies.
I wore my red paisley dress from Raleigh Vintage with some vintage rosette flats that I thrifted
and my turkey brooch of course (sorry for the "up the nose" shot) It looked cute but not so practical with the spanx when you're eating a lot...ooh tummy ache.
We had gorgeous snow fall all day long, the hubs and I brought up some chairs and put them in front of the windows. I thought this pic of the hubs and our kitty was pretty cute.
Our little niece came over and I got to hold her for a little while. She was awake this time and cracking me up with her funny faces. She is too much! I got some pictures of her looking at our tree when the MIL was holding her...I loved this one!
Behind her you can see all the little goodies I have purchased for her :) She was so cute, a little grumpy because she woke up early and apparently this little lady likes to sleep in...what lucky parents.
She had her little arms going, she loves to stretch out..whenever I hold her somehow her blanket gets so messed up because shes squirming then I'm squirming then her then me...LOL
Later she put on her PJs, cute little dresses aren't as cozy as footie pj's don't cha know. Here is her little squishy face wearing an elf hat she got from her uncle David.
And this is what happens when I leave my crinolines unattended....and my princess leia knit hat....LOL
I ♥ my family
It was a fun day..I'm totally bummed the hubs had to work though.. :(

Anyway, I hope you all had as fun and adorable-baby filled as I did!

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I love my family too <3