Halloween and Christmas Tree

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This weekend was my birthday weekend, it was a pretty low-key birthday. I got up late Saturday and didn't do much. Sunday was cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning (I made my hubs get me a mop for my b-day so I put it to good use!) then we went to the in-laws for a few hours. I wore my jumblelaya dress with my new mini beret from JustLiv on etsy.
Align CenterI also got a new remote for my camera so HOORAY. It will be so much easier to get pics now.

(sorry about the lack of lipstick)

Is that tiny hat not adorable?! I really love tiny hats...very much into them right now. I wanted to get a mini witch hat for Halloween but it was either a cheap one that looks cheap or a nice one for $50...and I can't spend that much on a hat I'll wear for 1 day. Next year I'm thinking of going as a deranged house-wife...my hubs asked "why deranged?" and I said because I can play the part so well. Hehehe.
Today, since its November now Its time to put up my holiday decor. It may seem strange to (many of) you that I put up my Christmas tree so soon. But I really love having it up. I love seeing all the ornaments I've gotten over the years and the pretty vintage decor I have for the house. I want to enjoy that Christmas feeling for as long as possible so Nov 1 my tree is up..and Dec 31 its down.
So here is my 20 step program to having the perfect day...

1. Finally buy totes for your holiday stuff, put away Halloween decor.
2. Eat delicious breakfast hubs made you...
3. Play with cat who trapped herself in a box...hilarious fun!
(she has very sharp claws so don't use your hands)
4. Totally forget how huge hat tree you HAD to have last year is..
5. Put all the branches on the tree
6. "Fluff" branches
7. Bring up the rest of the Christmas stuff from the basement.
8. Find the lights for the tree
8. String the lights on the tree by having someone under the tree spinning it while you place the lights..(this is not as exhausting as my lazy hubs makes it look)
9. Get ready to go shopping, I suggest you wear one of your new necklaces
10. Take a detour to Jo-Anne fabrics and pick up some holiday decor that's on sale as well as some ribbon to make ornaments.
11. and don't forget some holly berries to make yourself a hair clip.
12. Run around to the Hallmark stores in town and try to find the ornament you want (this year we went with star wars and bugs bunny)
13. Begin unpacking your other ornaments.
14. Re-discover your ornaments and decor from last year.
15. Get out your treasured "hand me down" decor...these lamb candle holders came from my mom. She had them out every Christmas when I was a kid.
16. Admire the shiny lights...oooh shiny.
17. While putting on ornaments put your camera down and have several pictures of your butt taken by your hubs. :/ gee, thanks hun.
18. Place unlikely ornaments together on the tree (darth and barbie)
18. Light your "candles"
19. Turn on your leg lamp..
20. Sit back and enjoy your decorated tree/house
Wasn't that fun?! I had fun.

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Such lucky duckies you are!


P U R P L E - D E E R said...

You are on top lady! And i love the dress.

Stephanie Lynn said...

Love the dress and your "going out shopping" necklace. I really want to get my christmas stuff out now, but I don't think that is going to happen for a few weeks.

iron orchid said...

You're simply amazing! Love your holiday spirit!

Miss Emmi said...

Ah, one of the things I miss most about America is the Cardinals! Such lovely birds. If you make any brooches with them or Bluejays on it, let me know!

Mrs Cleaver said...

You look gorgeous & your tree looks fab!
The lambie holders are so sweet:)
We can't put our tree up too early because the kids keep ripping off the decorations.

Zohar said...

Happy birthday me dear! A remote for your camera is genius!! I need one too! It's so tiring to run back and forth from your camera to your shooting spot. Also, do you (you i.e everyone who celebrates Christmas) put up their trees so early?

Bombshell Bettie said...

no, most people wait until December or at least after thanksgiving (the next major holiday in the US) I'm just silly ;)

Amanda said...

How fun! Happy belated BDay!

Darlene said...

A woman after my own heart. I love it all...

jen fleck @ jumblelaya said...

Not many people can say "turn on your leg lamp" and have it make total sense. Rocks!

I almost want to break out my pretendo tree and get to work. I got leopard-print wired ribbon this year to serve as the basis of tree-decorating inspiration.

The dress and you are adorable, as always.