Goodness can you believe this is the last giveaway? They've gone by so quick. But with this last one we're certainly going out with a bang. It will be 3...count 'em...3 prizes given away this week...and here is what you could win....
This lovely navy set. A seashell clutch (with coin purse and mirror) navy faux pearl necklace and navy short gloves.

I had so much fun...I didn't want to give up this set...I love everything!
Sorry the dress already sold from my shop..

coin purse
I love love love these gloves...If someone wants to trade me for a long pair I have in my collection...let me know ;) teeheehee

The next prize set you can win is....
A sweet little hankie with a super cute notepad set of dress and shoes...
All the prizes above are from our lovely sponsor Ms Dawn of Timeless Treasures Boutiques...aka Slapsy Maxi. Visit her stores, some great deals and GORGEOUS pieces...lots of larger sizes!
Ebay Shop
Etsy Shop
And the final prize you are entering to win is from me...
A beach pin up brooch. Is she not the cutest?! I love her gingham outfit!

Ok this giveaway will be just slightly different from the other ones I have had. This one will have 3 different winners. So if you enter you could win any of the three (but not all three).

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Take a look at Dawn's shops and tell me what your favorite piece is..I am in love with the hats from her etsy shop!

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This giveaway closes Saturday at Midnight, winner will be announced NEXT SUNDAY. Each of the three prizes will have different winners...they will all be selected randomly. As 3rd, 2nd and Grand Prizes. This is going to be fun!

And the last of the birdie brooch giveaways is coming later in the week as well.

Thanks Everyone...and


Ashley said...

I agree with you on those hats--Sweet Rose and Cream of the Crop are my two favorites. I could easily see myself wearing the Sweet Rose hat with just about anything dressy in my closet.

And I really like the idea of creating new jewelry pieces from old and broken bits.



Astin Kirby said...

Oh yes, the hats are great. Love purple passion, and the darling 60's green berries fascinator.

These give-aways are absolutely marvellous! I so hope i win one. Just love that navy bag.

Astin Kirby said...

I tweeted about your gorgeous blog. :)


Astin Kirby said...

Mentioned you on facebook too!


Amanda said...

i am totally in! What fabulous prizes!

Danger said...

I love love love vintage hats! My favorites are the I Love Lucy, the walking on eggs, and the mink fascinator. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

Danger said...

You've been mentioned on facebook! (Alexa Danger)

Sara said...

Wow this is awesome :)

GREAT giveaway!!


autumn coffee and inspiration

Danger said...

And you've been tweeted! http://twitter.com/LolitaRosita

Sara said...

I mentioned you on my blog! :)


autumn coffee and inspiration

Apothecary Inn said...

Definitely the Purple Passion 1940's hat! But I love the Drama Queen one with the feather too!

Vintage hats are a beautiful thing...

Betty2Tone said...

The Halloween sweater...but some of the hats are a close 2nd

Mosquito Head Madchen said...

i want this http://www.etsy.com/listing/50803131/on-sale-early-1970s-red-white-and-blue dres... and once i figure out the sizing.. if it fits it'll be mine!!!


Stephanie Lynn said...

I too adore all of the hats in her etsy shop! I think this one is my favorite:


Stephanie Lynn said...

I shared on my blog!


Stephanie Lynn said...

I shared on facebook!


Anonymous said...

Love that 60s floral dress!


iron orchid vintage said...

I adore the 1960's Sheer Floral Dress. Really lovely hats, too! I'll be back to comment again, right after I tweet about your giveaway!

iron orchid vintage said...

Hi! I'm back and have spread the word on Twitter!

Mrs Cleaver said...

Fantastic!Your a legend:D If i win the bag ,gloves & necklace set i'll swap the gloves with you:)

iron orchid vintage said...

One more post at the blog!

Mrs Cleaver said...

Hmm i like a few things in Dawn's etsy shop but i do love the early 60's sheer floral dress ,the blue roses are so pretty:)

Miss Emmi said...

This circle skirt is my favourite! http://cgi.ebay.com/VTG-EARLY-1950s-FELT-CIRCLE-SKIRT-COLORED-PANELS-SWEET-/280580410457?pt=Vintage_Women_s_Clothing&hash=item4153e54c59

dawn madsen said...

Love Love LOVE!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I really LOVE the navy set and the pin up brooch! :)

My favourite item must be the SWEET ROSE-1950s-Blue Hat-Pink Rose-Veiling :)
And it would be perfect with the navy set :)

E-mail: julwii@ostfoldfk.no

-Julie Mari :)

Lyudmila said...

Follower via GFC=Lyudmila
lusizova at gmail.com

Lemondrop Marie said...

Fabulous giveaways, I visited the shop and the hats are lovely. But I am REALLY in love with that modvintage large necklace pendant. Fab, fab.

Lemondrop Marie said...

I tweeted!

Ashley said...

I posted a link to the giveaway on my blog: http://oneyearsecondchance.blogspot.com/2010/11/fun-vintage-friday.html

Ashley said...

Facebooked the giveaway as well :)