Ooh this one is dandy! The second giveaway for October is sponsored by BombshellShocked an amazing vintage shop on ebay. New items added almost every day! Become a fan on her Facebook Page Here, to get daily updates on new inventory! She has gorgeous pieces dating from the 40s to the 80s. And the shop owner is just a delight!
and isn't she adorable?! And we share names x2 (our store names and real names! woot!)

She has generously provided a whole slew of items for you to win!
Starting with this gorgeous beaded 80s cardigan!
And if this gorgeous cardigan wasn't enough...
she also sent a leather purse, AMAZING cat eye sunnies and a gold hearts necklace
How fab are these! Oh I wish I could enter my own giveaway!
The necklace ♥♥♥
Me, sporting the look...LOL I couldn't resist! (also that dress is for sale in my shop)
Taking the sunnies for a test drive!
surprisingly roomy!
Wearing the cardi too..teehee (this dress is the same style as the first and also available in my shop)

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Check Out Her shop and pick out your favorite piece and tell me where you would wear it!

I'm seriously crushing on this dress (holiday party anyone!?) and this dress...ooh if i were just a little (lot) smaller! I also LOVE this jacket!

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This giveaway closes Saturday at Midnight, winner will be announced NEXT SUNDAY.
Another (24 hr only) giveaway is coming later in the week from me to you.


Mrs Cleaver said...

What a fantastic & generous giveaway!
I luv that sweet 40's/50's yellow cotton night gown/dress with the daisies on the front.I would definitely wear that out with a little cropped ,short sleeved cardi to the markets & a day of vintage shopping ,stopping for coffee & some sort of decadent cake or pastry :).

The Road to Vintage said...

Wow! That's a lot of great items. I love the gold and black combo.

This is my favorite:

It's even in my size!
I would roll up the sleeves, pair it with some red accessories and go patriotic on 4th of july weekend. Or, add a neck scarf for a drive.

Many thanks!

L (lindsaytierce@gmail.com)

Amanda said...

Fantastic giveaway! I checked out her store there are just too many cute things!

Best Wishes,

Kim Bombshell said...

My favorite dress, although it wouldn't fit me, is the black and pink shelf bust mermaid dress. I love the ribbon detail that ties in a bow in the back...so very Marilyn. IF it fit, I would wear it to the Bombshell Bop in San Francisco next week, and dance all night. (www.thebombshells.net)

I love the glasses and the purse and in your instructions it mentions a picture link to post a comment on, but I can't find it. I hope I am following the directions correctly! I will blog about this great giveaway now.


(Love that you both have "Bombshells" in your store's names. I belong to a social club "The Bombshells" who put on Rockabilly events)

frankensteinsbride1313 said...

What a great giveaway!

I am absolutly in love with this dress

and this coat

Darlene said...

Vintage 50s Rockabilly Pin Up Teal Full Skirt Dress L

I'm a cinch for the above dress. I love the color and the shape and I'd wear it out on a date with hubby, possibly to the Drake Hotel which dates back to the early 30's (I live in Chi-town).

I love the giveaway items and would wear them with everything! Jeans, circle skirts, honest! Anything!

I love this giveaway, and both of your stores, bombshell gals.

Nicole said...

You look so cute in all of the items!!

Thank you for the compliments and good luck everyone!!


Katherine said...

What a wonderful blog! That orange/red dress is so sweet on you!!

From the store, I can't go past the lime green chiffon nightie, super cute and fun.


Kerri @ OldLadyChic said...

I am drooling over that purse!Tough choices for just one outfit! Probable the great wall of china skirt http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-50s-GREAT-WALL-CHINA-Novelty-Print-Full-Skirt-M-/130433024874?pt=Vintage_Women_s_Clothing&hash=item1e5e6a036a

I'm a sucker for novelty prints.

Tart Deco™ said...

Even though I can't fit into it I really love this- http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-60s-Nude-Military-Suit-Skirt-Blazer-Jacket-M-/130435443788?pt=Vintage_Women_s_Clothing&hash=item1e5e8eec4c

tartdeco at gmail dot com

Riikka said...

Although not my size, my favorite item is this one:


It is such a versatile piece and could be worn on a day out in the city, fancied up a little for evening or even worn to a job interview. The opportunities are endless. :)

Jenny S said...

Those sunglasses are AWESOME!!! I want! How can I pick just one thing from her shop to tell you I love?? I think my fav is the black swing coat with the hot pink lining! I would wear it EVERYWEAR!!! LOL!

Miss Dollie DeVille said...

I love those gold sunglasses! Yummy!

I love hee ebay store, I especially liked the fancy nightgowns and the black cole of CA swimsuit. Fun!

Thanks so much for the chance to win this great giveaway!!!


Miss Dollie DeVille said...


I just shared your giveaway! Yippy, one more chance to win! :)

Dollie D.

Sirens Sexy said...

I just adore the Vintage 40s 50s PinUp Wool Tweed Suit Jacket Skirt!

olygirl said...

Loving the cat eye glasses!!! Eeeeeek! So exciting to have a chance to win fab vintage! :D

My favorite item from her shop is the Vintage 60s SPACE AGE MOD Metallic Mini Dress S M. It would be the perfect party dress for New Years eve. Officially added to my Christmas wishlist! <3

voguevintage said...

I am also loving the red chiffon dress - perfect for the holiday season. AND I wish I could wear the zebra swimsuit...teehee

Vintage Girl said...

i have so many favorites!! I love all your 50's day dresses!!
Miss Amethyst

Miss Tayva said...

I love her shop...!
I am crushing on the vintage red and gold tea timer she has listed. I'm a sucker for tea timers, and this one is so exotic looking!

ina said...

What a great giveaway! And the store is filled with so many great things, for example the 50s Great Wall China print skirt is really cute...

art*deco*dame said...

OMG count me in!I love this dress,perfect for holiday parties!

off to tweet this now

Apothecary Inn said...

Oh, I love the purse!

Vindiciti said...

Hello! I'm new to your blog but am loving what I see! Anyway, I checked out her site, and LOVE the Vintage BOMBSHELL Pin Up 60s Low Leg Swimsuit even though I usually don't do 60s. The Vintage 50s HAWAIIAN Circle Skirt Halter Dress is to die for, too!


xza louise said...

OOOH I love Bomshells and giveaways!
This dress has to be my favorite. I don't know what I love more, the lace inserts or the cut. If it were my size I would buy it in a heartbeat. I would wear this dress to a romantic dinner with my husband, it is sexy without showing any skin and he LOVES dresses like that.

Huzzah! Vintage said...

what fabulous giveaway swag! I can picture each and every piece integrating nicely into my wardrobe.

There's so much wunderbar stuff in this shop that's it's hard to choose, but I'm really digging the green winter coat. I might even dye my hair red to rock it correctly.

thanks for the entry!

Ashley said...

Thanks so much for putting these giveaways together!! I had a hard time choosing, but I'm drawn to the Green Fox Fur Winter Coat. The color is amazing!!


Lacy said...

How lovely!! I would wear this on one of my Saturday night dancing trips with my rock 'n' roll piano-playing fiance. :) It's all just so beautiful!!!

iron orchid vintage said...

The Space Age Mod Mini Dress is my absolute favorite! I would wear it anywhere! Great collection Bombshell Shocked - glad to now know your shop!

Pennington said...

This is a seriously amazing giveaway!! From the store I just love the 50's Hawaiian circle circle skirt halter dress. I would wear it to the Rhythm Rockers pool party coming up. Thanks Bombshell Shocked!

-Amanda P.

Paolla said...

I love this one: http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-50s-HOURGLASS-Rockabilly-MERMAID-Dress-S-M-/130429275903?pt=Vintage_Women_s_Clothing&hash=item1e5e30ceff#ht_4356wt_905

It has an amazing fit. It's hard to believe that it is a 50s dress, I've never seen something like it. I'd wear it to a fancy vernissage...


Stephanie Lynn said...

What a great give away! I love this swimsuit: http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-50s-60s-Black-Pin-Up-COLE-Open-Back-Swimsuit-S-/130433024857?pt=Vintage_Women_s_Clothing&hash=item1e5e6a0359 and I'll be needing one for my vacation in January!

Stephanie Lynn said...

I shared on my blog:


Stephanie Lynn said...

I also shared on my facebook page:


Catarina said...

I really liked the Vintage 60s MOD Geometric Black Brown Coat Dress M L, I've loved the geometric. Maybe I'll wear it with boots and funny tights.
Very nice giveway. I hope I'm lucky today.
Nice blog too.

Anonymous said...

It's an absolute sin to just pick one of your glorious items!!!

If I had to pick one item it would definitely be this one:


the green fur collared coat! It's just too darling! I would snuggle right up next to my hunny in this with a long pair of gloves and beret on one of our lovely little autumn walks we've been taking! how adoreable!



Fiona Designs said...

Love this giveaway! I love the item:
Vintage 80s RED Strapless Bustier Party Prom Dress S M

Brings me back to my prom days!


Vintage JoAnn said...

love the black cole swimsuit, vintage swimsuits are hard to find. Those cat eye gold glasses have inspired some serious lust also!

Betty2Tone said...

I like the black/brown mod coat. I'd probably just wear it walking to class or doing errands

Mama Grubbs said...

ahh i love those cateye sunnies! mamagrubbs@gmail.com

Angel said...

Amazing giveaway.

I love this coat. It is the perfect green!!! http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-50s-60s-GREEN-Fox-Fur-Collar-Winter-Coat-S-M-L-/390243800429?pt=Vintage_Women_s_Clothing&hash=item5adc57d56d

chloegirl said...

would like to enter this awesome give away here is my e-mail leeannrenee@hotmail.com

Paolla said...

I tweeted about your giveaway.



Dawn Steckmesser said...

LOVE the Black and Pink Swing Coat!!!! jdsteck@comcast.net

Rachel Leigh said...

What a lovely giveaway! If I had to choose a dress from her fabulous selection I would choose http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-50s-RED-Chiffon-Rockabilly-Full-Skirt-Dress-M-L-/130433024858?pt=Vintage_Women_s_Clothing&hash=item1e5e6a035a

And I'm definitely going to keep an eye on her facebook page :)


Anonymous said...

What a great giveaway! I seriously love everything!!


Kelly said...

This is such an amazing give away. I really love the striped stunner skirt I would wear it to the park, I live in AZ and it's finally getting nice enough to be outside! Unfortunately it's xs, but I also looooooove all the little pin up girl pins. I was looking at some of those for gifts! Super cute!

heidijoshua.com said...

I LOVE THE GLASSES !!!! Anything cat eye I am in ... Meow... can't believe some person has a chance to win this... Good Luck everyone !!! Hugs Heidi Joshua

sally said...

I would love to enter! I would wear this outfit to go vintage shopping. :) sallyc@shaw.ca