Bright and Bold

I'm so sick of having to dull down my wardrobe for autumn. Brown, cream and gray are great colors...but I love my summer pastels so I've decided to stick with my color this year and go ultra bold! Bright and bold is how I'm doing winter this year! Hot and Neon colors, and bold oversized prints. :) YES PLEASE! Today I wore some of my new winter pieces. A ruffle neck tank with a magenta cardigan with retro buttons and a bold floral pattern.
today my eyes were gray...i was hoping for blue...but my eyes don't listen to me :S
here is my outfit bright cardi with a black tank and hydraulic jeans (every curvy girl's BFF)
photos courtesy of the hubs

artsy pic courtesy of my plant in the window

OH and I forgot to tell you we started new pumpkins yesterday...the hubs has been working on his for 2 days and still has plenty of work to do.
if you couldnt tell (yet) or just don't know your classic sci-fi. Its a Death Star.
I don't know what was up with the cat today but she would NOT leave the pumpkin alone...she was even trying to eat the little carved out pieces from a bowl on the floor.
I DIED when she stuck her head in the pumpkin...it was so darn funny I had to put some treats inside the pumpkin so she would do it again and I could get a picture (or 3) I guess she did it again when I wasn't looking too. She is such a stinker!

I also did a new pumpkin yesterday...my kitty pumpkin kind of collapsed.. poor kitty.

I don't know WHY i do this to myself...I think ...Oh if other people can do it, I can do it...but I really can't.. I started out with this photo of Cary Fisher as princess LeiaI printed it out....
taped it to the pumpkin
and outlined it with one of those poky-rolly things
then i started carving...with a knife...now I'm scared of knives so why I thought shaving down a pumpkin would be a great idea...well i'm not exactly sure.
but it turned out a huge mess
and it looks like a dog chewed it up...next time I'm using one of those stencils from the "carve a pumpkin kit"

OH OH OH OH OH! The new brooches are in! Robot brooches, go get your geek on!AND I extended the 15% off sale for ANOTHER WEEK so get them for a steal while you can. There are lots of new items in the shop and they're all included in teh sale!
AND I'm only 3 sales away from 200!!
Lucky number 200 will receive a special something extra in their purchase package!
Will it be you?


Miss Emmi said...

Have you thought about using certain eyeshadow colours to make your eyes pull more blue? I don't know exactly what colours work for blue eyes, but on days when I want to bring out the green in my hazel eyes I wear purple or bronzey eyeshadows.

Carys said...

I love the idea of staying in bright summery colours for autumn, and you look just lovely too!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Pixie said...

Brilliant idea! i love bright colours and always have a splash of them in the winter. I have to as it is so darn grey here all winter long!

those robot pins are the bees knees!

Stephanie Lynn said...

I say, if you want to be bold, have fun and be bold! Just because everybody else is wearing brown, doesn't mean you have to.

Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

I'm with you, I love bold colors in the fall and winter! Fall is a time of bold colors anyway, with orange, reds, yellow and bright green in the leaves. I keep telling my husband, one year, I want a white christmas tree with pink, blue, green and yellow ornaments. Winter is so gray, there's no reason to reflect it in our wardrobe. I can't wait to see what you come up with! :)

iron orchid said...

Pretty cardigan, my dear! I'm glad you did a post like this...I love color, and try to wear it often, but so much of my casual wear is neutral. I'm on board with the color overhaul for winter.