You may (or may not) have heard of the "Etsy on Sale" app. There you can shop for all the items "on sale" on etsy. You can set up a sales event and it adjusts the price and adds a header to your listings like "Weekend Sale" or "Columbus Day Sale"...did you forget about that too? Well I've heard lots of good things about it SO I decided to give it a shot. Its SO easy to use, you sign in with google, then connect to your Etsy account, select the shop you want to have a sale in and create a sales event! You can do it for 1 day - whatever amount of days. Soooo....

I'm taking advantage of this super neat-o and amazingly convenient way to put on a sale by having a Vintag-Aversary sale!
This week is 15% off in the shop
Next week is 20%
Then 25% through the 31st of Oct!
So you could save a lot (if the piece you want makes it that long)
You can shop HERE or in my Regular shop (which is awesome!) all the prices are adjusted and EVERYTHING is on sale...even the clearance items AND anything new added to the shop!!!

It ends at midnight tonight!


Carys said...

What a wonderful app indeed, how exciting!! I'm off to check out the sale right now!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

voguevintage said...

WOW this is exactly what I was looking for - THANK YOU!