Its wednesday, so you know what that means!
Time to break the suspense between the BombshellShocked Giveaway and today with a wednesday giveaway! Each wednesday I'll be offering one of my handmade (by me) brooches. Each wednesday in October I'll be introducing a new birdie brooch shape.
This week its a teensy weency little swooping swallow.

awwwwwwww isn't he cute?!
This giveaway is only running for 24 hours.
I will announce the winner tomorrow so you better get your entries in asap!

Enter By Commenting to THIS POST! There will be a link at the top of the page for the next 24 hours so you can easily get back to this post. :)
please sign in or leave your email or twitter address so I can get a hold of you if you win!


Pixie said...

i love the little swallow. He so reminds me of the swallows that occupy my neighbour's barn!

ina said...

what a cute one! Count me in, please :)

Riikka said...

So cute! Please count me in.

Sara said...

Wow it is SO CUTE! Count me in too !


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Miss Emmi said...

Ahh, I love sparrows! Such a cute brooch!

vintage_belle said...

Lovely! Animal brooches are the best. My current favourite is a little rabbit hopping on my lapel, he could use a friend though :)

Mrs Cleaver said...

Yes please!:)I love swallows,they are so sweet.
My email is jasonandskye at bluemaxx dot com dot au.Thankyou:)

The Road to Vintage said...

So cute! Love this little guy!

Sue said...

Too adorable! I just love your little pins :)
Count me in!


Amanda said...

Gorgeous! I adore it.

Anonymous said...

omg <3 <3 <3 i love it.


Betty2Tone said...

So cute!

Anonymous said...

Very cute. count me in please!


One Little Bird said...

My favourite bird - Lovely!!

Kelly said...

I love birds. He is so cute!

sarah louise said...

Cute cute cute, want want want!


Sabrina said...



Paolla said...

Such a darling bird!


Anonymous said...

That's so beautiful! It would look good with any outfit!

Carleen said...

It's super cute. I would love to win.


Anonymous said...

So fab! xx

Fritzi Marie said...

So beautiful.
I can't wait to see what else you come up with.

Fritzi Marie


Rebecca Jean said...

You made that?!? How cute! I would love to win him.

Tweet me @Midnight_Maniac

♥ Rebecca Jean
Midnight Maniac

Heather said...


elise said...

So cute!
Count me in!

brittini flowers said...

ooohhh i just love to read your blog!

AND i LOVE handmade things!

AND i LOVE lil' birds!

AND i LOVE give aways!

AND i just LOVE brooches!



Melissa Collins said...

Giveaways make me happy! Especially this one!

Lisa said...

what a pretty little thing, it reminds me of a tattoo my father had.

Sirens Sexy said...

How cute! I want it :)

Lorri said...

Hi, I'd love this beautiful swallow pin as a beautiful piece of jewellery and to help inspire me. I'm actually writing a sweet love story about timing...it features two people. One is represented by a swallow and the other by an owl. Your pin is so beautiful and would really help to inspire more ideas as well as look beautiful.


Love Lorri xx
My twitter address is @LorriButera.

sweetwyo said...

Love the pin!