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Now for a bit about my day. Its Saturday..or it was, and saturday is house cleaning day around here. Sweep, mop, vaccum, dust, laundry, dishes..you know. The usual stuff. But since its October now (officially) I got to decorate the house for Halloween :D my favorite holiday and my second favorite holiday to decorate for!

I'll start with a cute picture of my kitty....who can resist a chubby kitty pic?
A "rustic" bat, the only new thing (so far) for the decor this year.
A set of tea light holders, they glow fantastically! I got them for super cheap out of season last year at Pier 1.
My funny jack-o-lantern kitty bowl. When its all full of candy all you can see is that funny little kitty head sticking up...I love it!
My black cat collection..teehee

Another tea light holder
pumpking reflector. The little circles are mirrors and in the sun it throws light around my living room. It was fun to watch the kitty chasing them today.
A goofy green skeleton
my black metal skeleton i love to have wind dangles thingies
my thrifted skeleton, he was cheap and broken. he was the only decoration we had when we first moved in...no fingers or toes...spooky!
My ghost and glowing pumpkins are in the window

My Halloween lights half purple half orange. LOVE
Here is an awfully blurry pic of my front window...the leaves are already changing around here!
I'm thinking princess Leia this year...yes? hahaha....and you KNOW i got this custom made on etsy ;)

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Ruby Rach said...

Congrats Tamina!

Very jealous of the Halloween festivities - it's not celebrated here in Australia, though I wish it was!