Thursday Treasure Hunt

Sorry I've been slacking, last week I got almost all baby clothes (for myself and my non-existent baby) so this week i made sure that I bought for ONLY the shop! I think I did pretty darn good this week. Got lots of good quality items and some sexy pieces as well.
sorry about the crappy pics...I just got my first DSLR (a cannon rebel XSi) and I'm still trying to figure it out.
this dress is super cute, its a full circle skirt with tiered lace...should be about a M (29ish waist)

a sexy velvet 80s dress
with flower sequins
and partial lace back
40s sequin and beaded dress that needs a lot of TLC
i have quite a bit of work to do before this one can go into the shop.
50s sailor jacket. I think this originally had a fur shoulder piece but its missing now.
crazy tie dye style 50s shirtwaist
preview of winter giveaway item cuz i love you guys so much ;)
and fur hat with ric rac trim..too cute!
60s swing coat with mink collar
and rhinestone brooch detail
I FINALLY got a rolling rack, it has my sold items, new items to be photographed on it. i think it will help me stay much more organized.
AND i got new brooch shapes, butterflies and
song birds. I'll have these new shapes up in the shop this weekend ;)


iron orchid said...

Love(3x) the song bird!

Miss Amethyst said...

the giveaway hat , and 60's swing coat !! me heart them!! very pretty!!-Miss Amethyst

Zohar said...

even though I'm not a fur kind of girl I love the fur hat with the ric rac trimming :) Very cute

Apothecary Inn said...

Oooh, where did you buy your rolling rack from?? I need to get one of those for my own expanding vintage collection (I wish they made one that was cat proof!).

Bombshell Bettie said...

I got the rolling rack at wal mart (i know, i know) but it was only $25 so you can't really beat that. They had a cheaper one and a more expensive one..as well as one that has the zipper protector (cat proof) and i think that one was still under $30

Christa said...

The song bird is beautiful! =]]