Baby Fever

As I may have mentioned a while ago I've got a little niece on the way...next month actually. How time flies...well that kind of opened up the baby fever flood gates. I can't walk through the thrifty without stopping by the baby clothes first to see if there is anything sweet and cute. Today I found a TON of cardigans, which I usually never find but we went to a different store today and the baby racks were packed full. Here is what I got.

anchor buttons!
carved rose buttons
more teeny cardis
white, delicate
jumper with hood and way cute details!

peter rabbit sweater
cowboy jeans with fringe (these will be up in the shop tomorrow!)
retro "bowling" shirt
bloomer, dress....
and jacket set
so cute!
and this jumper i got for my niece specifically. I love the cherries.


Sue said...

they are all just dear!!

Fashion Forestry said...

Aaaah I want a baby so bad! My etsy favorites are exploding with vintage baby finds!

DumpsterDivinDame said...

how precious!!!