The Littlest Bombshell

I just had to share this sweet little lady wearing her vintage pinafore from my shop. This is sweet Gemma "Bird" with puppy Frances of the Bleu Bird Vintage blog. 
 Isn't she just the cutest?! I do believe she's our littlest "Bombshell" so far!
(if you've got photos of you, or your kiddos in a Bombshell Bettie frock I'd love to see and share them!)
  Make sure to check out Mommy Ms James' adorable family "What We Wore" posts, great kid-friendly DIY's and inspiring posts about her life. 
Reminding us that just because you have little ones is no excuse to give up your style!
Have a great night


Thursday Thrift

Fun items this week, lots of shoes and slips and one AMAZING hand knit sweater..
Gorgeous, perfect shade of mustard for fall. Hand knit fisherman's sweater. (XS/S)
breath taking deep navy full slip with adorable hem details (S/M)

 Perfect white half slip (S/M)

 bubble gum pink straight slip with embroidered hem (XS/S)

 dramatic "melon" slip with the best hem!

huge collection of 60s shoes, all about 7/8, in good, wearable condition. I promise the pictures will be better than this...I was just too lazy to clear a space to take real pics of them. I'll be doing that probably friday or sunday. I have a fun weekend planned of not working so these items won't be in the shop until next week.

Enjoy your weekend :)

OH i almost forgot, I've got a 25% off sale running through the weekend so stop by and have a look. Items are going really fast with that new relevancy search so hurry hurry!


Thursday Thrift

Wheeeeee! New stuff for the shop. Its about time, isn't it!? Not as much as I'd like to have but inventory but the pieces I did find are quite lovely and I think you'll agree..
 60s blouse
 with colorful embroidery and cut out neckline (sz L)
 Beautiful tiered lace cupcake wedding dress
 with glitter!!! (sz S)
 Beautiful lace bolero lined in tulle (XS)
 multi grain sheer knit dress (sz S)
 with ribbon details on the shoulders
 VAVAVOOM leopard print two piece high waisted bikini. Last time I had one of these it didn't even make it into the shop before it sold. I'm wondering if it will this time..
 Oh and did I mention its from Jantzen? Size (XS/S)
 slouchy cotton romper with tie sleeves (S)
crochet butterfly handbag with beautiful wood handle, pink on one side
 blue on the other
 plastic woven handbag with chain handle
 The BEST ice bucket. Isn't this color to die for?
 Fruity chalkware
 Osh Kosh overall skirt
 70s pin stripe and lace dress
 super pleated dolly collar baby dress
 LOOOOOVE this tulip print jumper dress
 just look at those heart buttons!
And I'm still deciding if I want to keep this one or not. Adorable 60s mod cut out baby swimsuit

Should have everything in the shop by the weekend. :)



 Hey I finally stopped being a slacker and wore something cute. I paired this adorable pink, beige, white and bright yellow dress with my favorite new summer accessory, this great headband. Because I wear glasses its hard to find a headband that works but this one is perfect.

Headband: c/o Branchbound
Dress: Small Earth Vintage
Belt: vintage, thrifted
Shoes: vintage, thrifted
I know I've said as long as I've been wearing vintage that I would never alter it, not even the hem....but I have to say I'm sick of buying dresses and having them not fit in a couple places so I'd sell them or they sit in my closet until some day when I'll be able to wear them...I have several skirts I'll probably never fit into but I'd feel bad getting rid of them. And when I got this dress it fit ok but it was just the teeniest bit too small in the arms. It pinched to the point where I wouldn't wear it. 
So my awesome mother in law took the sleeves off and did some alterations for me and now its perfect! Hooray! So when it comes to vintage, never say never. I've always said that once it leaves the shop its up to the new owner what they want to do with it..and since I'm the new owner I guess I should start following my own advice. 
Hope you are all having a wonderful summer so far!