Thursday Thrift

Fun items this week, lots of shoes and slips and one AMAZING hand knit sweater..
Gorgeous, perfect shade of mustard for fall. Hand knit fisherman's sweater. (XS/S)
breath taking deep navy full slip with adorable hem details (S/M)

 Perfect white half slip (S/M)

 bubble gum pink straight slip with embroidered hem (XS/S)

 dramatic "melon" slip with the best hem!

huge collection of 60s shoes, all about 7/8, in good, wearable condition. I promise the pictures will be better than this...I was just too lazy to clear a space to take real pics of them. I'll be doing that probably friday or sunday. I have a fun weekend planned of not working so these items won't be in the shop until next week.

Enjoy your weekend :)

OH i almost forgot, I've got a 25% off sale running through the weekend so stop by and have a look. Items are going really fast with that new relevancy search so hurry hurry!


olygirl said...

Can you send me the details of the melon slip?(size, price, condition)I love the color. :)


Laura said...

oh my. The things I would do for that mustard sweater. *swoon*