Your Big Day (picture heavy post)

I'm sure everyone knows someone who is getting married or got engaged. Well if you're that lucky someone (or helping that lucky someone..or shopping for gifts) this post is for you. Its just about that time to get together your outfits for the wedding and reception, shoes, undergarments, jewelry...all those things you didn't know you needed. I got married almost 3 years ago and I wore vintage...I loed it. I treasure that dress and although I dont know that anyone will ever find the dress as "special" as I do..I'm still passing it on in my shop for some other bride on a budget. This post is all about wedding pretties.

Each picture links to the item.

The Dress: traditional or non traditional, white, colored, lace, tulle, slim, full....


Non Traditional:



Now for the accessories, shoes, pins, hats...whats a gal to do..

Under Where? Under There...that's right ladies...didn't think about after the wedding yet did you? Don't worry, Betties' got your back:

got some ideas? All of these items can be found in our
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Thursday Thrift-Day

Hooray its thursday again. the best day of the week. We started the day at the dentist where we found out that the hubs didn't need another root canal so that was good news. Although hours later our faces are still numb...kind of annoying. But then there was thrifting..always fun and now lunch.

Here is what we picked up this week:
i love the neckline on this dress 1/2 sequin and sheer and 1/2 velvet

beautiful mink trimmed 60s cocktail dress

pearl adorned sweater
not something i would usually pick up for the shop but i really though the pattern was cute
butterflies & fruit
putty cocktail dress with rhinestones

wit matching jacket
70s/80s high waisted denim skirt with rope belt
40s crochet apron
super cute two piece set
patchwork leather purse in multi colors

lots of baby stuff comin!
pink polka dot and ruffle baby dress
teeny and adorable navy dress..great for independence day!
isn't the red ribbon trim adorable?!
gingham smocked dress with hats
scalloped neck is too cute
blueberry bliss dress is soooooo cute. it has underslips so its extra poofy
older girl's sailor tent dress..summer is coming!
awwwww baby boy's train embroidered romper...choochoooo
this one probably won't hit the shop until next winter but had to share. Rose embroidered rothschild wool peacoat

sunny yellow rayon dress with floral details
another i'll save until this fall/winter this two piece set of sundress
and the cutiest little coat with bows!

I still have a lot of back baby inventory to get up too...hopefully that will come this weekend.
Hope you're all having a great week.