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Happy Valentines Day followers!
I hope yours is wonderful. I accidentally wore my valentines colors today (sunday). I didn't even plan on it and then when the hubs and I went to the grocery store and saw all the displays of flowers and chocolates I was like "oh yeah...hey look, i'm wearing pink and red." I wore my bakelite boat brooch for the first time today as well. Its made from a broken button or something of the like..

Dress: Raleigh Vintage
Cardigan: Vintage, Thrifted
Brooch: Upcycled Vintage
Plaid Flats: Payless

I also got my knit dress in the mail today and played around in that. I really like it but its got rhinestones and such so its a little fancy for every day wear.

Dress: Lady Moon Vintage
Eyelet T-Strap Pumps: Ebay, bought for my wedding

I also got to play with a new prop I bought for the shop...I'm not sure if it works...but it sure is purdy.
I intended on taking new pics for my blog..buuuuuuut I'm not so sure I like the light dress in black and white so I may have to try for pics wearing my black knit dress instead.

I also bought these adorable 60s bird wall hangings..you may remember a week or so ago I bought a wall hanging for myself as well as a few times before that. I love these 60s floral wall hangings. I even bought some for my brother in law for his new family..
just like the ones Joan has hanging in her room
I've been wanting them for a while and when I saw that joan had them it just sealed the deal... not to mention I found some for under $20 with shipping..and considering that I saw a set on etsy for $45...I'd say that is a darn tootin steal.

Also my hubs bought me flowers today for the first time in the almost 9 years we've been together. It was very sweet and they're all my favorite flowers.
He's pretty great sometimes :)
And one more thing before I go...I'm hosting a giveaway on the blue butterfly vintage blog, you can enter to win a small vintage jewelry box and handmade brooch in valentine colors. perfect for travel!
You have until Feb 22 to get your entries in, there are lots of different ways to earn entries so head on over.


VildesVerden said...

I love your pink outfit!

Zohar said...

You know I love your boar brooch. In fact I covet it :)
Your new dress looks lovely on you and I especially like your pumps - really pretty!

voguevintage said...

yes, and I love the plaid shoes with it!

Hep~Kitten said...

I love the knit dress!! And I did a post on the hat!
For The Vintage Fashionista

Kristin said...

happy valentine's day!

Mrs Cleaver said...

You look beautiful in both but i must say that 2nd dress looks amazing on you!Very sexy indeed yet demure at the same time:)
The brooch is super cute & the flowers & the birdie wall art are just gorgeous!

Mrs Cleaver said...

Oh and i think the phone as a prop looks great!

Mrs Amber Apple said...

You look lovely!! I love your telephone too!