A Dress a Day with Slubird

Slubird's shop is full of great "every day" dresses that you can wear anywhere for anything..Here is what my week would look like with Slubird dresses:

Monday I don't really want to be back to work you gotta do what you gotta do...something to put me in a good mood.
Tuesday I have a meeting, gotta look sharp..but not like I'm trying too hard...
Wednesday is hump day, lets go with something sassy and classic!
Thursday is my favorite day, thrifting day! Gotta be able to move so i can snatch up those vintage goodies and look adorable while I do it.
Its FRIDAY! Time for a fun print to celebrate the weekend!
Saturday is shopping day with my girlfriend, fun color and timeless style are a must.
Saturday Night? Dinner with the hubs at our favorite restaurant. Time for something sexy...but not too revealing.
Sunday is my lazy day...time to relax, maybe do some mid-day shopping with the hubs so want to be comfy but still look cute if we got out somewhere.
That's my week with slubird. There are so many more dresses, tops, shoes, bags, hats an jackets to choose from. What is your favorite? And don't forget about the gorgeous accessories you can get in her handmade shop Branch Bound.
Oh and she has a special COUPON CODE to save 10% on your purchase at her shop until she makes it to 200 sales. "GETMETO200"


olygirl said...

I like when you spotlight your sponsors. I'm able to find new sellers to spend my pennies on! :D

I'm currently saving and drooling over this at another store I haunt frequently. Isn't it amazing! Look at that flower detail. Love it!


Bombshell Bettie said...

that is one GORGEOUS dress! I post a lot of dresses I like to my tumblr too. I'm thinking I should do a good old-fashioned "theme" post...perhaps hawaiian?

olygirl said...

Exactly! I know this time of year always brings out my yearning for all things summery. And really anything that says Aloha is fine by me. :D

Brook said...

Love your blog! Just found it!