Thursday Haul and Valentines Sale

Today through Sunday there is a 25%off Sale happening. Tons of gorgeous pieces, ripe for the taking and you're saving 1/4 of the original price. Shop Now to Save!

Today has been very fruitful which is a relief given the lack of goodies I've been finding lately. I've even snagged some designer pieces! Lots of cocktail dresses coming as well as some summer pieces!
pretty soft yellow day dres
with yellow floral embroidery
emerald green and cobalt blue cocktail maxi

Lilli Ann 70 day dress with suede trim and sash belt

another beautiful lilli ann
with suede jacket
stunning barbie pink Emma Domb cocktail dress with chiffon sleeves

Love this, the pictures didn't turn out but the color is bright saffron!
chiffon drape down the back
lace band around the empire waist
Bubble gum pink cockail dress with light pink lace trim

super cute 80s summer dress

gorgeous 50s 100% cashmere cardigan...this is the softest cardigan EVER!
and it has the sweetest embroidered flowers and buds on it.

Thats not everything...i have some baby summer dresses too! Ooh I cannot wait to get everything up in the shop! It will be a busy night of steaming tonight to get everything prepped for pictures. Cross your fingers for a day as sunny as today (too bad the light was past my picture room when i got home)


Lauren said...

That yellow dress is so pretty and almost looks like a bridesmaid dress! Btw, the word verification to post this comment is 'peesting'. Does blogger have a UTI?

Apothecary Inn said...

That is SO funny!! I just recently picked up a Lilli Ann dress and an Emma Domb dress from roughly the same fashion era as your scores at my own local thrift store! I wonder if it's the time of year where everyone is unloading their higher end vintage clothing?!?

art deco dame said...

love the first yellow dress and oh the cardi!<3

Zohar said...

Of all things I really love that 80s summer dress :) cute!