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Valentines Day is just around the corner and I'm sure you'll want something adorable and vintage to wear on your date...or maybe just taking yourself or your friends out to dinner, drinks or whatever you want to do...either way, you're going to want to look good and our sponsors Iron Orchid Vintage and Soul Rust are two great shops to find exactly what you need.
From Iron Orchid you could get....
 this Petal Bust LBD, what a stunner!!
 Maybe this cheongsam with the knee length skirt
 How about this bright blue MOD dress, no one said you have to wear red.
 if you're looking for red try this adorable fire engine red mini dress
 maybe something a little more formal like this sweetheart bust dress
or maybe something a little less formal with this adorable swiss dot prairie style dress

From Soul Rust you could get...
 This uber sexy wiggle dress in a traditional valentines day color
 this sweet petal pink dress
 how about this rhinestone button, lace dress
 Need something more formal? How about this magenta brocade and cotton candy pink cocktail dress
 Want that 50s style that will take you through valentines day and beyond, this is the dress!
Want to strut it like Joan Holloway to the dinner table? This is the dress that will get you there...meowza!

Both shops Iron Orchid and Soul Rust have a TON more items, this is just a small selection of what you can find there...I know I'm eying a few pieces for myself...lots of great finds for great prices, exactly why you want to shop the sponsors!


Thursday Thrift

Yeah, I know its sunday. I was hoping for some good light for pictures but we didn't get it..and it looks like its going to be cloudy all week so I may just be looking for a break in the clouds. I actually went thrifting tuesday and friday, not thursday this week but I've still got plenty of pretty things for you.
 lace vest
 plus size NOS summer dress, deep v button back
 striped side-ascot dress
 cherry and radish knit dress
 shelf bust silk brocade dress
 light blue "tennis" dress with button details
 mustard cardigan with very interesting details
 deer sweater (men's)
 pendleton zip sweater jacket with hoodie pockets, unisex
 knit open sweater with pockets
 knot trim open cardigan in ivory
 little girl's maxi dress with tie up bust

 little girl's gunne sax gauzy dress

 little girl's 60s MOD plaid dress
 earrings, glitter, red and blue
beautiful multi strand necklace in shades of blue

I've also got a hat or two and I hope to have most of these items listed soon. Yesterday I released 12 new nautical items into the shop and earlier I released some valentines reds. Right now there is a Pre-Valentines Sale so if you're looking to get your dress, shoes or if you're hinting to your love you can mention "hey, i love this..and its on SALE" ;)

Shout Out

Hey kittens I wanted to give a quick "shout out" to Twila Jean of Twila Jean Vintage and her blog TwilaJean.com.
She, like me is very close to having her babe, a little girl (cue the awwwwww) but I'm talking days away..it could really be any hour now and like most vintage shop owning mama's she'll need some down time after the baby is born so she is trying to get as many sales in before baby go-time as she can. Could you please stop on by her shop and take a look at what she's got. There are some stunning mid-century pieces as well as some burlesque costumes, patterns, shoes, nylons and hand dyed lingerie. 

Here are some of my favorite pieces.
speckle 50s dress (large size!)
 my dream bathing suit (large size)
 Ann Fogarty cocktail dress

So so so so so much more to see in her shop. Go visit, lots of styles in lots of sizes..help her get baby-ready!


Decor Inspiration

I've done my very best to stay away from pintrest because I know its going to be a time-suck...but it IS full of lots of lovely and inspiring things, especially when you're trying to redecorate your home. I love my family photos but I am sick of how they are being displayed right now tons of pictures in 1 plain, boring black frame. I've got 4 of the darn things and I just really want something different. I love the idea of a gallery wall...but I dont want it to be organized or match I want pure chaos, tons of different frames, maybe a few different colors, lots of texture and as many photos as I can fit!

Here are some of my inspiration photos from pinterest and the web.

I really like the bold mix of art, photos, frame sizes..so much to look at, very interesting! 
Ok, this is probably a bit much for me...but this is the FEEL i'm going for.
I noticed a lot of the "how-to" for gallery walls have fun things added like letters and unique decor pieces..I love these birdcage frames.
 I have tried to track down these birdcage mirrors, i found them on pinterest and tumblr but no one seems to have an origin link. So please, if you know where this image is from or where you can find these birdcages let me know so I can get this linked correctly.
 This is exactly what I want, lots of photos, different frames and sizes and that little chalkboard in there is precious!
 our fifth house (blog), found via pinterest, they didn't link the original post and I couldn't find it..sorry.
 love the mix of vintage photography and art prints..i may have to try some of that too
this is probably what my hubs would like to have..still organized but random..that may be part of his OCD..hehe
 Martha Stewart via The Creative Mama
This is so fun! I love this..i love everything about it.
lots of purdy frames found here, i can also see some old family photos..we dont have any of those but that would be fun to add to a collection.
I like how different everything is on this wall...but i don't like how it goes all the way to the ceiling..but not the floor..
here is one I'd want to add to my wall, I wonder if you can get it in custom colors... 
since the gallery wall will be right to the right when you walk in the front door it would be fun to greet people as they look at the photos, maybe with a "hello" sign.

Next stop is the thrift store to find interesting frames to paint, I want to do black, white and gold. Wish me luck!


Feels Like New

My hubs and I have been working pretty much non-stop for the past 2 weeks to get the house ready for baby. We wanted of course to give the babe's room a new look but we also did the living room and are working on the bathroom as well. Its been utter chaos around here trying to get everything done and then trying to clean up after everything we've done so far. So here is what we've been up to, we're obviously not finished..but its feeling and looking a lot more grown up around here.
 First we went and picked out paint colors, most people spend months pondering what paint colors to get...we literally took about 5 minutes.
 next we prepped the nursery for paint
 and got to it..you can see the original "blue" up top on this pic.
 here is the room all "finished' paint drying
 the next morning we started on the living/dining room in the most amazing tropical green color
 it matches kitty's eyes...and our stupid orange couch. Its quite a challenge when you've got such a big mix of random furniture and decor to find something to tie it all together and i think this green is perfect!
 we went out later that night for trim for the baby's room. I was originally going to stencil on some "rope" details but we found this rope trim so we used that instead.
 since we're eventually going to get a new tv that will be mounted above the fire place we decided to take down the mirror and look what we found! The original soft pink with gold details and a power outlet..what luck! My guess is that the mirror must have been put up in the late 60s since we know that the house was also painted a tealy blue, avocado green and white after that.

We've spent the better part of the last week trying to clean up the mess and re decorate for the new living room set up. Pictured below are my favorite mid-century curtains, the inspiration for the green. They're all the colors I love.

 I also played a little bit with stenciling on the dresser...obviously I'm not very good at it..so I'm REALLY glad we went with the trim instead of painting the rope detail on.
 We've still got lots of finishing touches to do in the baby's room and living room. Once we get all the furniture in we're going to decide where to hang everything on the walls, including this adorable boat..
 and this mirror my mom bought in vegas. (oh do you like the new switch cover? i painted it to match the room)
 we just barely touched on the bathroom, we got a new light fixture
 and new vanity, I really wish that I had a picture of the previous sink..it was a mess to say the least. In total the bathroom has cost about $50 so far...not too shabby I think.
 we've also got the pack and play set up in our bedroom.
and..this totally got me, my hubs put up the zombie mobile (from salty and sweet) above the sleeper...so flipping cute I could hardly stand it.

We're getting there, one step at a time. Closer and closer to baby-time. Now under 8 weeks away.