Nautical Nursery

I knew that I wanted to go with a nautical theme for the nursery since day 1. I've always loved nautical things and vintage nautical decor can't beat it. I've got a big favorites list on etsy..and well a lot of it is nautical and baby. Here are a few of my favorite nautical items I'd love to have for the babe and nursery.

 I know I've had this on the blog before but I just think its the cutest! My hubs wants to make one ourselves before the babe comes so we had better get cracking!
 Love these natural wood teether toys...and an anchor? You can't go wrong.
 This cute little elephant is actually on my registry I love it so much.
 Gorgeous handknit sweater jacket set. Is your heart melting as much as mine is right now?
 I love poms, I actually ordered a set for the room already...but that was like a year ago before I knew it would eventually be a nursery. The colors I ordered don't exactly work anymore so I'll probably order a new set. This set I think, the only thing that would make it better is if it had a sand and a brown with it.
 I love etsy's wide range of handmade toys. This little pull along whale is going to be so cute for when he's toddling around the house.
 Blocks are great for building hand-eye coordination and they're fun to play with too. These nautical themed ones are super cute!
 I found this set in my activity feed (best etsy introduction..ever) and I love it. The whole shop is wonderful but that little lighthouse just makes me squeal!
 I've got some vintage seagulls to go on the nursery walls right now...but these are what I would get if I didn't have them. I love the 3D, so fun for a nursery!
 I was trying to convince the hubs to put the baby's name on the wall..since I think its so darn cute. He's like "why, do you think I'm going to forget what we named him" he's such a smartass. But instead I thought maybe we could find a cute sign that says "hello" or "ahoy" or something equally appropriate for a baby's room.
Another activity feed find, this HUGE ship is the only ship on etsy I've seen that is nearly the same size as the one I thrifted locally. 
I seriously cannot wait to share the finished nursery with you! Today we bought the paint and painted the room. I had originally wanted to do a gingham wall but with the nautical theme I thought the country gingham would look a little silly. So instead I went and bought some nautical stencils and I'm going to use those to accent things. 
Here is a sneak peek at the colors...
 Aren't they the perfect sea colors? Obviously this pic is when the paint is still patchy and wet. The lighter color is actually much darker once its dry and we're going to be adding a chair rail to the room...but thats enough peeking for now. I'll share more once we get everything done and looking nice. Still lots of "finishing touches" to take care of!


MistressCatgirl said...

That is too adorable. I love little kids in nautical stuff. One of the reasons I want to learn to knit is so I can make my kids things when I get to that point.
I LOVE everything. The colors are beautiful too.

PuppyLovePrincess said...

such a great theme! and blue is awesome for bedrooms in general... super relaxy and calming!

tenderblue said...

Thank you Bettie. Your blog is beautiful!
I hope you continue to visit my shop.