10 things about my pregnancy

Here are 10 things I will/won't miss about my pregnancy. I know I should probably do this post after I give birth...and maybe I'll do a revised one but at 30 weeks, here is what I'll miss and wont miss at all about being pregnant.

10 things I'll miss:
1. Kicks. feeling the baby kick is probably one of the most amazing feelings in the whole world..I mean real kicks..not the little flutter kicks you get early in pregnancy. Something amazing about seeing your belly jump out as a little foot kicks you.
2. My "womanly" silhouette. Although I'm missing my waistline pretty bad there is still something very womanly about a baby "bump" and I think I'll miss that too.
3. Eating. Right now I eat 5 or 6 times a day, large portions and I swear some days its still not enough..this baby is sucking up the calories and I'm sure going to miss the extra food.
4. Quiet Time, right now "me and baby" time is quiet..I'm sure when he is born it will be a lot more crying and cooing and although that may be adorable..I really do enjoy the silence.
5. Helpful Husband. I REALLY hope this is not something that will go away after the baby is born but my hubs has been amazing lately. Doing the dishes and the laundry and helping me keep the house picked up. It keeps my stress level down and thats good for me and baby
6. Get up and go. Once the baby is born even running to the grocery store will become an event. Packing the diaper bag and the baby and getting him in the car seat and getting him out. Right now if I want to go thrifting, I do. I have a feeling I'll be stuck at home a lot with the babe while my husband does the "running"
7. Candles. I love candles..I am really going to miss having them going on the coffee table..but babies and candles don't mix.
8. Buying impractical baby things. Ok, I'm pretty sure my infant doesn't need a peacoat..but damnit I bought one anyway. I know once he's born my priorities will shift more toward what fits than what is the cutest.
9. Tummy Touches. My husband loves to rub and touch my belly..I'm going to miss that when there is no baby in there, It'll just be me and my extended uterus..not so cute.
10. Sleep. Well I used to get great sleep that is, until this week really...but I can sleep for 10 hours and still take 2 naps and no one thinks anything of it. I know most people say to enjoy the sleep now because you won't sleep again for the next year....greeeaaaat.

10 things I won't miss...
1. Pointless doctor visits...seriously, every other week?
2. Stretching Skin/Lubing up. I have to put on cocoa butter 5 or 6 times a day..this is not fun.
3. Every extremity falling asleep...my leg and half my butt are asleep right now...I'm so sick of this.
4. Increased Dairy...YUCK
5. Going to the bathroom 50 times a day.
6. The headaches..in my second trimester I got migraines daily..and you can't take anything so it was so miserable. I am very glad to be rid of that!
7. That no position is comfortable for more than 10 minutes. Sleeping, sitting, standing, walking...none of it
8. The questions "How are you Feeling", "Is it a boy or a girl" and "Have you picked a name"
9. How rude people are to you when you're pregnant. Seriously, people must not think about how body conscious some woman are when they are pregnant..but people tell me on a daily basis how big I look and one girl (also pregnant) said "I hope I don't get that big"...thanks. I feel fantastic now.
10. Saltines...I hate saltines anyway but I had to eat 4 or 5 every day for 5 weeks right when I woke up in my 1st trimester to be able to get up without feeling nauseated. I will never eat a saltine again...until I get pregnant again..haha

Well there are my 10...and 10. These posts are kind of fun...have any 10's you'd like to know about my pregnancy?


Bunny Moreno said...

Love your list! I really can relate to it hahaha Oh the joy of pregancy! You can always do a top ten baby finds or vintage baby outfits-I can only imagine how many cute things you have found! xox

Bombshell Bettie said...

Oh geez, I may have to do a top 50 for that one...LOL!