Feels Like New

My hubs and I have been working pretty much non-stop for the past 2 weeks to get the house ready for baby. We wanted of course to give the babe's room a new look but we also did the living room and are working on the bathroom as well. Its been utter chaos around here trying to get everything done and then trying to clean up after everything we've done so far. So here is what we've been up to, we're obviously not finished..but its feeling and looking a lot more grown up around here.
 First we went and picked out paint colors, most people spend months pondering what paint colors to get...we literally took about 5 minutes.
 next we prepped the nursery for paint
 and got to it..you can see the original "blue" up top on this pic.
 here is the room all "finished' paint drying
 the next morning we started on the living/dining room in the most amazing tropical green color
 it matches kitty's eyes...and our stupid orange couch. Its quite a challenge when you've got such a big mix of random furniture and decor to find something to tie it all together and i think this green is perfect!
 we went out later that night for trim for the baby's room. I was originally going to stencil on some "rope" details but we found this rope trim so we used that instead.
 since we're eventually going to get a new tv that will be mounted above the fire place we decided to take down the mirror and look what we found! The original soft pink with gold details and a power outlet..what luck! My guess is that the mirror must have been put up in the late 60s since we know that the house was also painted a tealy blue, avocado green and white after that.

We've spent the better part of the last week trying to clean up the mess and re decorate for the new living room set up. Pictured below are my favorite mid-century curtains, the inspiration for the green. They're all the colors I love.

 I also played a little bit with stenciling on the dresser...obviously I'm not very good at it..so I'm REALLY glad we went with the trim instead of painting the rope detail on.
 We've still got lots of finishing touches to do in the baby's room and living room. Once we get all the furniture in we're going to decide where to hang everything on the walls, including this adorable boat..
 and this mirror my mom bought in vegas. (oh do you like the new switch cover? i painted it to match the room)
 we just barely touched on the bathroom, we got a new light fixture
 and new vanity, I really wish that I had a picture of the previous sink..it was a mess to say the least. In total the bathroom has cost about $50 so far...not too shabby I think.
 we've also got the pack and play set up in our bedroom.
and..this totally got me, my hubs put up the zombie mobile (from salty and sweet) above the sleeper...so flipping cute I could hardly stand it.

We're getting there, one step at a time. Closer and closer to baby-time. Now under 8 weeks away.


lisa zain @etsy said...

so so jealous of that green you picked for your living room! i've been dying to re-paint my kitchen with something as LUSH. <3

Mrs. Williams said...

Wow, you two did a fantastic job! (We just painted our living room and kitchen, and is that ever tiring work!)

Frankly My Dear said...

aw, the blue is perfect. I love the seaside theme.