Thursday Thrift

 Yeah, yeah. I know its friday, but better late than never, right? Lots of new finds for you this week. Pretty new jewelry and more ties for the guys. Really there are a lot of mid-century goodies round here for guys and I think I'll start picking them up, maybe even add a section to the shop..But that means eliminating a section. I was thinking I'll eliminate the sale section, not the sale items those will still be marked with SALE /// in front of the listing...I'll just keep them in their respective sizes so its easy to shop instead of having a whole section of random items that are reduced.
 Lovely crochet dress with drop waist
 70s jumpsuit with criss-cross pleated bust
 mini polka dot prom dress
 red bandage dress, hello sexy valentine
 gorgeous red short gloves with embroidered bows (already been on the front page)
 nautical embroidered suspenders
 gorgeous mad men tie in silk stripes
 the perfect leather hobo bag
 oooh, notice the change in background? new baby digs happened this weekend.
that pretty little linen tote with yarn embroidery
 teeny little carpet bag
 gorgeous rust orange tie with minty green and ivory details
 gorgeous mid-century tie in raw silk
 plastic rose necklace with green leaf details
 beaded tie in vanilla and lavender
 pretty white, coral and pink beaded necklace
 gold and faux pearl multi strand necklace
 the prettiest harvest blouse with scalloped bell sleeves
 90s neon crop top
 embroidered nylon cape
 striped 70s cowl sweater
 gorgeous silver cocktail dress with beaded waist
 white cardigan with little yellow trim around the hem and cuffs
infant sweater, 50s style
hawaiian mini dress with bow on the bust

thats it for this week, I'm getting them all drafted this weekend and there is also a weekend sale (already live) that goes through Monday, so enjoy the weekend.


Alice said...

OMG! The mini polka dot dress is so cuteeee!!! *_____*

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Charlotte said...

Wow, you've been busy!

xx Charlotte
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