Holiday Pics

Every year my hubs and I do some candid holiday photos in the park for our christmas cards. This year I think they turned out extra goofy. Last years were pretty, the leaves were all over the ground and I was wearing one of my favorite vintage dresses. This year I didn't have as many clothing options because of my big ol' belly but I did still manage to wear one of my favorite vintage dresses. A wool wiggle dress with (luckily) plenty of stretch.
These photos are also different from last year in that there was really no sun out, I usually pick a nice sunny day in October but I just couldn't organize things in time. It gives the photos a much different look to the ones we've had in the past.

Here are some of my favorite photos..
 If you follow me on twitter, this pic is probably familiar to you already, its my new avatar. I dont know what it is about this picture but I adore it. I'm really going to miss this bump when its gone..but I'll have a sweet baby boy to keep me busy.
 I love this pic, as you can see I'm pretty darn big now, 24.5 weeks..nearly 3rd trimester already..wowie.
 just me, baby and a tree
 My baby gut is finally bigger than my hubs' regular gut..hehe
 This pic...oh gawd, I don't know what was going on...but it cracks me up so hard every time I see it. As you can tell we don't take anything too seriously...not even holiday photos

Dress: Vintage, thrifted
Necklace: "Bettie" by tree and kimball (yes, its named after me!!!)
I'm also wearing polka dot tights..which you  can't see here and red, plaid shoes.

Since we're here I should tell you about the 40% off sale happening today ONLY. The sales from the holiday weekend were great, but I still feel like the shop is a little too crowded for the rest of the holiday collection AND all the other handmade brooches I have. 
I'd like to list them in the shop asap so please, shop shop shop.


Thursday Thrift (Sunday Edition)

As you probably guessed the holiday didn't give me much time for shop, shopping but I did manage to pick up a few pieces earlier in the week. Some cute sweaters and kid's items plus another beautiful trench.
 Love this basic trench with plaid peeks at the collar, in classic olive.
 pretty purple dress for spring
 love this nubby sweater in the softest aqua color
 golf themed cardigan, looks like someone started to take the embroidery off so it will be priced accordingly
 love this 70s nordic sweater with little hearts
 for little girls, this horsey sweater with hearts and yarn mane. SO CUTE!!
 blue velvet baby dress with more embroidered hearts on the skirt...seems like we've got a theme going.
adorable little cowboy button down with embroidered boot on front and back.

Cyber Monday Sale is going until tomorrow at midnight everything is 35% off...that equates to some pretty rad deals! 
I hope you all enjoyed your holiday. :)


Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

Traditionally, I have a sale Black Friday & Cyber Monday..well I'm a creature of habit because its happening this year too. Black Friday deals start Thanksgiving Thursday and run though midnight on Friday.
Cyber Monday prices starts late Sunday night (about 9pm pacific time) and  goes through Monday at midnight.
Everything in the Shop will be on sale, including the handmade items. I'll also be releasing some of my holiday collection today and that will be on sale as well. 
Enjoy your holiday. I've spent all morning baking and I would love to just sit and do some shopping.


Holidays with the Sponsors

It sure has been a while since we checked in with our amazing sponsors. I was looking through their shops and it appears they're gearing up for the holidays with gorgeous pieces and I'm sure you'll agree. Starting in alphabetical order with...
Iron Orchid Vintage
 Need the perfect topper? How about this white fur hat with a sweet little beaded snowflake.
 Great tom boy style with this red corduroy blazer, complete with patches on the elbows.
 I can't resist a 50s blazer, especially not one with this kind of detail, and its a Pendleton. I'm sold! L-O-V-E!
This little red dress is so darling. I love this style. Very 70s does 50s with the full skirt and nipped waist. Reminds me of a figure skater.

Next Up...
Miss Farfalla

 This mystical moss colored dress is sure to WOW at your holiday party
 I wanty want want this gorgeous embroidered poinsettia jacket. This IS the perfect holiday coat.
 I've been drooling over this dress since she added it to the shop, I'm honestly shocked its not sold already. Horse head print...thats right...Horses. Adorable!
Holiday style doesn't always have to be over the top fancy, some times you just want something warm to cuddle into. This flannel dress is ideal for such such occasions.

And Finally..
Raleigh Vintage
 This sweater OMG amazing constellation print. Stars and greek warriors. Wow, I'm already jealous of this sweaters future owner.
 Merlot wool dress & jacket set, just enough to keep you warm and stylish without going over the top.
 The furry details on this 40s jacket is enough to make any girl squeel. Nice swing fit, huge cuffs. So glamorous!
 This 30s/40s sweater has the holiday colors you're looking for and the sweetest details. Perfect for your red pencil skirt ;)

There is more to see, plenty more at each shop. I'm sure you'll agree that shopping with the sponsors is always a great idea!

Oh and if you stop by my twitter page, you will find a super secret coupon code to use this weekend for a HUGE discount...you should really stop by...and then shop by..ha. get it?


Outfit Post 22 weeks

Holy shmokes. I'm actually doing an outfit post! Can you believe it? I can hardly believe it myself and I'm the one doing it. I noticed that I haven't really done any outfit posts since I've been pregnant. I guess its because I'm not wearing as much vintage and i dont really feel like i should do an outfit post unless i'm wearing something adorable and vintage. Well today I was wearing something adorable and vintage!
 I got this great maternity babydoll cut tent blouse from fayebella for a steal. Just $17 with shipping!
 the sweep on this blouse is craaazy! I kept feeling like my shirt was going to float away it was so billowy.
 wearing my favorite branchbound headband
I got lots of complements on the blouse and how "green" I was. I guess I should wear green more because everyone that said something about my outfit mentioned the green.

Outfit Breakdown:
headband: branchbound
sweater: vintage, thrifted
top: fayebella
jeans: liz lange maternity for target
shoes: vintage, thrifted


Sale & Baby Purchases

This Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I'm having a very important SALE in my shop. We finally got the quote for the new windows for the baby's room and they will be costing a pretty penny. Since they need to be in as soon as possible because winter is..well, here. I'm trying to raise money asap to get these purchased and installed..hopefully in the next week. 
Since we're talking about baby stuff here is whats new for the mini mister.
 PAINT! We picked out the paint colors for the babe's room. They're more "boyish" than our first picks but i think they'll look really nice.
My hubs also agreed to do a gingham pattern on the crib wall. Which i am SO excited for. Hence the 3 colors instead of just 1.
 Here is the babe's dresser (and the mess of an inventory room) we're sanding it down this week and painting it white. Gifted to us by my best friend. Its a real life saver because the last thing we need is to spend another $50-$300 on a dresser!
 We also picked up this lovely little lamp,  not a necessity but it was a good price and looks really cute
 I've been resisting it pretty much since i found out we're having a boy...but i had to pick up this Lenox baby's first christmas ornament for him. It doesn't have a year so I'm going to see if i can send it to lenox for customizing.
 This sweet little stained glass piece was also a gift from my bestie. It'll be so cute with the nautical feel in his room.
Oh, and I'm FINALLY getting around to knitting. I learned a couple months ago, then i forgot so i had to look up on youtube how to do it..how pathetic is that? But now I work on it just about every day. I want to hurry up and finish this scarf so I can start on a baby blanket or two. Its a great way to pass the time instead of being on the internet.

So if you can please stop by the SALE, pick out something for yourself and help me get my babe some new windows ;)


Shop Update: Last of Autumn

Those autumn items keep popping up in my inventory but I'm SO ready to show off all the pretty holiday items I've accumulated this year. I tried to push out the last of the autumn items today. Lots of autumn hues and warm browns, rusts and mustard. Cozy items are up, now.
 Autumn Acorn - novelty print leaf dress
 Renoir - copper tulip art deco style earrings
 Camel Coat - the perfect princess trench w plaid lining
 Ermine Dream - genuine brown ermine caplet
 Patchwork Thumper - cropped 70s rabbit fur jacket
 Little Wookie - faux fur ski jacket for the kidletts
 Forest Creatures - handknit wool sweater vest with embroidered animals
Baby Swiss - handknit cardigan in the perfect butter yellow

There are also a few renewed listings waiting for you at a new reduced price and there are new handmade items available as well. So please, enjoy the new items and get shopping :)


Shop Update: Warm & Cold

This week I went for a mix of warm neutrals and crisp blues. That perfect late autumn/winter feeling. We got our first snow today, although i must admit i was disappointed by the lack of inches I'm sure there will be more than enough to go around soon.
 Blue Moon - midnight blue trench coat w plaid lining
 Equestrian Traveler - tapestry horse duffel bag
 Aqua Dream Girl - 40s handknit dress (as is, very cheap)
 Orvis Oatmeal - chunky winter sweater with front pockets
 Brown Rice - 70s knit dress with lace dolly collar
 Little Drummer Boy - 70s knit jumpsuit by health tex
 Cozy Wrap - softest beige classic wrap jacket, lining flaws, low price!!
 Dew Drops - 60s screw back earrings with bright blue rhinestones
 Emma Domb Gown - gorgeous pale blue flocked chiffon gown. I am loving this for a winter wedding!
 Soft Sailor - warm acrylic baby sweater with boat
 Multi Metallic - 70s knit maxi skirt
Multi Grain - 70s geometric knit sun dress with ribbon detail

Aren't they fantastic. It was actually quite a large update. Thats 2 so far this week. I'll probably be adding another one monday or tuesday where you'll see more holiday items instead of "basics". And I'm still waiting for my light so I can take pics of the coats I bought this week. Silly weather being all gloomy.

Enjoy your weekend.