Shop Update: Last of Autumn

Those autumn items keep popping up in my inventory but I'm SO ready to show off all the pretty holiday items I've accumulated this year. I tried to push out the last of the autumn items today. Lots of autumn hues and warm browns, rusts and mustard. Cozy items are up, now.
 Autumn Acorn - novelty print leaf dress
 Renoir - copper tulip art deco style earrings
 Camel Coat - the perfect princess trench w plaid lining
 Ermine Dream - genuine brown ermine caplet
 Patchwork Thumper - cropped 70s rabbit fur jacket
 Little Wookie - faux fur ski jacket for the kidletts
 Forest Creatures - handknit wool sweater vest with embroidered animals
Baby Swiss - handknit cardigan in the perfect butter yellow

There are also a few renewed listings waiting for you at a new reduced price and there are new handmade items available as well. So please, enjoy the new items and get shopping :)

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Anonymous said...

Love these floral printed designs in these <a href="http://www.loudstarbazaar.com/shop/brand-triple-5-soul/triple-five-soul-cozy-sweater-wrap-top/p_67.html>Feminine dresses</a>. So gorgeous!