Sale & Baby Purchases

This Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I'm having a very important SALE in my shop. We finally got the quote for the new windows for the baby's room and they will be costing a pretty penny. Since they need to be in as soon as possible because winter is..well, here. I'm trying to raise money asap to get these purchased and installed..hopefully in the next week. 
Since we're talking about baby stuff here is whats new for the mini mister.
 PAINT! We picked out the paint colors for the babe's room. They're more "boyish" than our first picks but i think they'll look really nice.
My hubs also agreed to do a gingham pattern on the crib wall. Which i am SO excited for. Hence the 3 colors instead of just 1.
 Here is the babe's dresser (and the mess of an inventory room) we're sanding it down this week and painting it white. Gifted to us by my best friend. Its a real life saver because the last thing we need is to spend another $50-$300 on a dresser!
 We also picked up this lovely little lamp,  not a necessity but it was a good price and looks really cute
 I've been resisting it pretty much since i found out we're having a boy...but i had to pick up this Lenox baby's first christmas ornament for him. It doesn't have a year so I'm going to see if i can send it to lenox for customizing.
 This sweet little stained glass piece was also a gift from my bestie. It'll be so cute with the nautical feel in his room.
Oh, and I'm FINALLY getting around to knitting. I learned a couple months ago, then i forgot so i had to look up on youtube how to do it..how pathetic is that? But now I work on it just about every day. I want to hurry up and finish this scarf so I can start on a baby blanket or two. Its a great way to pass the time instead of being on the internet.

So if you can please stop by the SALE, pick out something for yourself and help me get my babe some new windows ;)

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Sparks In Spring said...

I hope the sales all go well for you, so excited to hear about these lovely ideas you have for the little one, I love the dresser. Keep updating us on it! Good luck darling xx