Shop Update: Warm & Cold

This week I went for a mix of warm neutrals and crisp blues. That perfect late autumn/winter feeling. We got our first snow today, although i must admit i was disappointed by the lack of inches I'm sure there will be more than enough to go around soon.
 Blue Moon - midnight blue trench coat w plaid lining
 Equestrian Traveler - tapestry horse duffel bag
 Aqua Dream Girl - 40s handknit dress (as is, very cheap)
 Orvis Oatmeal - chunky winter sweater with front pockets
 Brown Rice - 70s knit dress with lace dolly collar
 Little Drummer Boy - 70s knit jumpsuit by health tex
 Cozy Wrap - softest beige classic wrap jacket, lining flaws, low price!!
 Dew Drops - 60s screw back earrings with bright blue rhinestones
 Emma Domb Gown - gorgeous pale blue flocked chiffon gown. I am loving this for a winter wedding!
 Soft Sailor - warm acrylic baby sweater with boat
 Multi Metallic - 70s knit maxi skirt
Multi Grain - 70s geometric knit sun dress with ribbon detail

Aren't they fantastic. It was actually quite a large update. Thats 2 so far this week. I'll probably be adding another one monday or tuesday where you'll see more holiday items instead of "basics". And I'm still waiting for my light so I can take pics of the coats I bought this week. Silly weather being all gloomy.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Carrie said...

i really like that oatmeal chunky sweater! it's really cute. I also like the Blue Moon trench coat. :D