Thursday Thrift (Sunday Edition)

As you probably guessed the holiday didn't give me much time for shop, shopping but I did manage to pick up a few pieces earlier in the week. Some cute sweaters and kid's items plus another beautiful trench.
 Love this basic trench with plaid peeks at the collar, in classic olive.
 pretty purple dress for spring
 love this nubby sweater in the softest aqua color
 golf themed cardigan, looks like someone started to take the embroidery off so it will be priced accordingly
 love this 70s nordic sweater with little hearts
 for little girls, this horsey sweater with hearts and yarn mane. SO CUTE!!
 blue velvet baby dress with more embroidered hearts on the skirt...seems like we've got a theme going.
adorable little cowboy button down with embroidered boot on front and back.

Cyber Monday Sale is going until tomorrow at midnight everything is 35% off...that equates to some pretty rad deals! 
I hope you all enjoyed your holiday. :)


art deco dame said...

loving the purple dress!

wholesale miskeen said...

This post was cute as well as the photos, I really love it. Big thanks for sharing.