Nursery Inspiration

There are so many beautiful nurseries out there. Calming and bright, soft and subtle and then there is a whole new wave of really bold, modern havens for babe. I am completely torn between these two. I love the deep rich colors and patterns of the modern spaces but I also love the soft, sweetness of a more traditional space. My husband and (mostly) I have decided on a nautical feel for the baby's room. I don't want to go too over the top with it. There is a fine line between a touch of nautical and over the top nautical hotel theme room. I'd like to just do the nautical with accessories and artwork and avoid big ship wall clings or anything like that...but I am really loving the feature wall idea too. So much to consider when designing a space for the new babe. Here are some of my biggest inspirations so far.
 This is almost exactly how i want the room to feel. I just adore the color, its similar to the color my hubs picked for the baby's room. A sweet minty-seafoam color. The pop of yellow is terrific. The crib is the same modern style that I want and there are a lot of great "wood" details.
 This little nook looks so cozy. I love the window bench with toy storage. Shelves are a must and the gathering of artwork is fantastic too. There is that yellow again.
 Oh look, yellow. I love the bold stripes on the walls. Its not something i would've thought to do for a baby's room. Its so graphic, i kind of love it.
 This is gorgeous. Light stripes on the walls. A modern, almost beachy feel
 This room has tone on tone gray striped walls, with some heavy furniture pieces. I love the pop of orange with the blues and the natural carpet looks like its got great texture. I've become slightly obsessed with texture for the baby's room.
 This soft simple room makes my heart swell. I love the bold graphic feature wall with the little dresser in the closet. Its making the most of a small space for sure. Our closet is much too small for that so i've got two bars in there instead.
 This room is so playful. Lots of color and pattern. Shapes play a big roll in this room. Also that little cushin there in front of the rocker looks like it would be great fun!
 Not usually my style but I love the antique dresser they used in this room.
 Who needs a mobile when you've got stripes on the ceiling? The black wall is kind of dark for me but again its got that gorgeous modern crib i so adore and the mid-century inspired orange chair is pretty amazing.
 Awww, i think i picked this room just for that rocking-lamb. Isn't he darling?
This room is very simple but still makes a really great statement. I love the accent over the crib. I think its probably better for a girl's room than a boy's room but its really sweet.

I got all these images from various blogs via google search.

Here are some of the items I'd love to have for my babe's Nursery.
 this is the crib i've been drooling over. MODA by Di Vinci. I love the chunky espresso feet and the even sides. My hubs would prefer a more traditional one..but this is right up my alley.
 Adorable ships wheel pillow from CrabbyChris
 I am in love with this mobile. I saw it way before I got pregnant and have been head over heels ever since.
 This knit poof is so cute! I would be an amazing addition to the babe's room. So fun to sit on for story time or crawl all over. Nice and soft so he wont hurt himself like he could on a traditional ottoman. My only problem is the price, nearly $300 for 1 of them. Maybe if I weren't on a strict budget.
I very much love this hand woven rug from mrsginther great mix of colors and i'm sure the texture is amazing! Great accent rug for a babe's room i think. I just wish they came in larger sizes, this one is only 27in across.
These sling style book shelves from Target are adorable, My grandma has some similar in her daycare. I love that you can customize them. Great way to store lots of books and I have a feeling we'll have lots of books!
I also really really like this shelf for toy storage, isn't that darling. Totes are a great way to keep little ones organized and small toys (like legos) that can look really messy, out of sight. Also from Target.
 I'll also probably be ordering one of these. I think they're really sweet keepsakes and when he's big I can go in and remember once he was only so-and-so inches long. And probably cry about how my baby is all grown up.

Those are some of my favorites. We're still undecided for a paint color. My husband picked a light minty color and I picked a dark ocean water color. Right now the room is a dull baby blue and that just isn't going to work for us. I want all white furniture or white with mocha/deep brown accents. My bestest buddy is gifting us a dresser from her grandmother or great grandmother and i'm going to paint that white and replace the knobs with something more kid friendly than the pull-rings that it has currently. Oh I cannot wait to get started on the baby's room...but first we MUST replace those old, drafty windows and hopefully before it snows!