Shop Update: Autumn Mix

I really love red and green for the holidays, they're classic colors that always remind me of my favorite time of year. I focused on green for this week's mini update, plus there were some great kid's items added to the shop late last week and some handmade items from my shop, if you recall that made their way into the shop this week too. So there are lots of new items to see for bombshell, babe or anyone on your list!

 Zodiac - tall leather boots with stacked wood heel
 Dirty Martini - the perfect pair of plaid pin up pants
 Olive MOD - amazing abstract pumps with great texture
 Eddie Nober - light olive cocktail dress with flared hem
 Wing Tip - tassel oxfords with a nice chunky heel
 Evergreen Ornaments - 60s multi strand necklace in shades of green and gold
Wise Couple - 70s embroidery hoop wall hanging

Now for the new stuff for the kiddos this week
 Teal Togs - the cutest little toddler jacket..possibly ever
 Tonka Tough - jean jacket for boys or girls
 Rothschild - gorgeous asymmetric velvet wool jacket
 Raspberry Tart - 90s grunge onesie in floral
Strawberry Sorbet - handknit cardigan in the prettiest pink

And dont' forget the handmade items!
Nautical Star (in nautical fabric)

That is a lot of listings! Lots of great items...lots! Have a look, won't you?

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the gray bird said...

oooh, i love the boots! and the olive mod pumps! green is one of my absolute favorite colors :)