Shop Update: Its A Girl

Yes, for realzies baby number 2 is a girl and to "honor" this I'm having a very pink update in the shop. More kid's clothes (and more coming too!)

 50s toddler dress 2T
 pointelle sweater with ribbon details 6 mos
 NOS dress and bloomer set 6-9 mos
 smocked front dress with cool collar 12 mos
 sweetest smocked dress with colorful flower buds 3-6 mos
 super ruffle-tastic party dress 3-6 mos
 simple baby dress 12-18 mos
 osh kosh patchwork jean skirtalls 9-12 mos
and one for either sex, this one was corbin's osh kosh jean jacket sz 3 mos
and one of the adults, this totally radical hand beaded acid wash jean jacket with pink cuffs and collar

Everything you see here is already up in the shop and on sale through the end of january (thats thursday!)


The Rise of the Rates

Yes, unfortunetly USPS rates rise again Jan 27th 2013. What does that mean for your/my customers? Higher prices of course
Most prices for the US went up about $1-$4, really not that big of a deal. Where I was charging 5.99 to ship, now I am charging 6.50 for a standard flat rate envelope item.

INTERNATIONAL: Prices on most items are actually going DOWN by a few $'s, with the new rise to the rates they also made a big change for First Class by giving it tracking, so now I am able to send items at lower-cost overseas so that means most items will be getting a lower price for international shipping. This does mean longer ship times, but you can of course request priority mail. The biggest problem now is really going to be watching the weight on items. First Class has a 4lb weight limit so I can't use it when I ship coats...which really sucks because their flat rate rates went up about $20 for international customers.

For both customers you'll notice that "additional item" prices went up, really i was being completely unrealistic before and I ended up paying out of pocket a lot of the time when i would get multiple item orders, so this has been "fixed". 

My new prices are already up in the shop since nothing will be shipped until after the rate change..since its on a sunday. 
Here is an example of my new rates vs my old rates:
Country              Prev Price             New Price
US                      5.99                      6.50              Priority Mail
Canada               14.99                    20.50            Priority Mail
Europe/Aus/Asia 16.99                    16.50            First Class
Mexico               15.99                    14.50            First Class

If in canada and you wish to receive first class shipping instead your price will be 11.50 for a single item
If in Europe/Australia/Asia and you would like priority mail instead your price will be 24.50 for a single item

Here is a break down of the new rates for anything over 4 lbs

Country              Prev Price             New Price
Priority Medium Flat Rate Box
US                     9.99                      12.50
Canada              32.99                    51.50
Eur/Aus/Asia      45.99                    61.50    
Priority Large Flat Rate Box
US                    14.99                     16.50
Canada             46.99                     55.00
Eur/Aus/Asia     63.99                     81.50

So as you can see the rates went up quite a bit for these services but like i said this is mostly for coats. The standard items will still go low-cost to you. I hope this helps ease some of your minds about the rate rise. I know a lot of sellers have been freaking out about it..including myself. We hate to raise shipping rates, its not fair to you and its not fair to us but this one was actually "good" if you want to call it that, now i can offer first class to my customers..hooray! 
Thanks for your continued support over these past..oh geez 8 years!! Wowzers, time flies.


Shop Update: Be Mine

 Its the first update of the new year! Thanks to all who came out to my  50% off sale. I'm ready now for the new year (now that i've got a few hangers cleared off) I am starting off with a few pieces i couldn't wait to list. I experimented with my first "dyed" vintage and a few of the results are listed. 
This week's theme is "Be Mine" its a kind of valentine inspired collection. I've even got most of next week's collection photographed as well, its all about neutrals...but lets start with this week, shallllll we?

 here is a super cute 3-6 mos vintage onesie from Gymboree
hand knit cardigan for toddler/pre-schooler
dyed raspberry 40s knit dress with rhinestone buttons
50s rose corsage
 50s satin pink bridesmaid dress with light pink under-skirt
 pretty pink 50s floral corsage
hand dyed red and pink "valentine bride" 50s wedding dress
 80s heart brooch
 amazeballs 60s cotton polo dress
70s NOS pink embroidered sweater
80s does 40s chain bubble necklace in pink and white
 60s spring pink swing coat
 reversible pink and blue crochet butterfly tote 
(great shower gift, fill with goodies for a mama to be and if they have a girl or boy they're covered!)

Everything shown is already listed in the shop
Happy Monday



Hope you had a wonderful new years eve, its that time again...
my annual 50% off Sale!

 Everything in the shop is included..nothing is excluded..not even the designer items or wedding dresses..its all half off and waiting for you! Prices good until midnight (pacific time) today, new years day. Prices will not be extended..remember this only happens once a year!

Here's to treating yourself in the new year.