20 Listings in 7 Days

Lots of gorgeous items up in the shop this week.

So many beautiful items, everything you see here is up in the shop & ready for a new home.


Thursday Thrift (500th Post)

Ok kids, as you know I'm right in the middle of my "save the vintage" campaign. Rescuing vintage from becoming halloween costumes. Worthy cause, let me tell ya. This week i've rescued some gorgeous pieces. not as much 50s as i would like to see, but hey. Those 70s dresses deserve good homes too!
As well as what we bought today. I'll be posting again with the 19 items (so far) listed this week.
great cranberry colored 60s party dress
with lovely neckline
Lightest pink 70s/80s party dress
with pearl details
lovely 70s bohemian maxi with lace details

gorgeous kelly green crop top
victorian inspired 70s blouse
with lovely lace inserts on the arms
Bobby Brooks wool skirt and tunic set
so adorable!!!
lovely mosaic large beaded necklace
southwest crop top with built in bolero

70s gold disco dress with draped skirt
kelly green cocktail maxi
lovely floating sleeves
amazing 60s bold print blouse
soft aqua 60s maxi dress
with lovely rose details on the back
handmade 60s cheerleader costume
isn't that cute?!
have you ever seen sleeves this spectacular?!

Deep midnight blue maxi dress with draped waist

sexy metallic mini dress

oh these panties! adult size ruffle bottoms...i dont know yet if i can let go of these. they're my size...

beautiful 60s dramatic drop earrings
and i found myself another beaded charm bracelet...i'll try to get one of these in the shop...but i love them so much!
cut out white leather boots by coasters
super sexy western detail calf botos with nice tall wood heels!

Lots coming to the shop..plus lots already here...nearly 300 items already. You'll see these items trickle in over the next few weeks. I dont want to flood the shop. Plus I've got a lot of cleaning to do!


Rescuing Vintage, 1 Thrift at a Time

 Ok i'm going to tease you with more sneak peeks from today's shopping adventure. This is not even half of what I picked up. There is seriously SO much coming to the shop. I'm rescuing vintage from being destroyed during the halloween season. Today I saw the twin to this wedding dress destroyed on the costume rack. It was such a tragedy. I almost cried, but instead I rescued several good condition dresses from the rack and kept my chin up knowing that those dresses would be loved, not destroyed this year.
Here are a few of my favorite pieces.
 40s striped day dress with ribbon ties.
 sweetest knit skirt with the most adorable print!
 fuzzy angora cropped sweater with satin bows
 2 pairs of granny boots (9.5) and a pair of 70s designer peep toe pumps w/ wood heel
 this adorable charm bracelet is staying with me. I couldn't let it go once i put it on. sorry.
 freshly washed vintage: lace up gauze sun dress, abstract  knit shell blouse, lace up polyester maxi, bright quilted 60s sheath, astrological print 70s maxi...seriously one of the coolest prints i've ever seen!
 oh and we bought another pumpkin :)
 50s embroidered wool dress, 60s rayon cocktail dress
 oh i could NOT resist this dorothy look a-like for next halloween (if its a girl) you can also see the crazy print from a 60s sheath dress on the right.
 hey, since I haven't done this yet hows about a bump pic..I find that I'm much larger than most of my friends who are prego..mostly because I have a thick layer of fat over it..but yeah. there is a baby in there.
Our neighbors across the street just had a baby boy and they went to carter's today to pick him up some clothes. While they were there their oldest daughter, shes about 4 or 5 years old picked us up this adorable giraffe finger puppet. Isn't that the sweetest thing?! It was adorable.

Well anyway, that's some of what went on today. I will have a proper preview later in the week. I will be photographing and measuring items all week long to get items up in the shop as quickly as possible. Thanks everyone!