Thursday Thrift

 Lots of exciting items coming this week. Tons of kiddo goodies to match my new direction for the shop. I'm going to be stocking more baby clothing and of course plenty for the adults too. Now that the weather will be cooling down I'll be listing all those autumn/winter items I've been hoarding since last year. Tons of sweaters and holiday dresses and a ton of coats....A TON. And I've got a backstock of jewelry to list too and I bought more today!
 A great purple multi strand, green and gold multi strand and a very cosmic necklace and bracelet set.
 small gilded rose wall hanging
   stunning cameo wall hanging
 3 tin leaf wall hangings, just in time for fall!
 2 piece handmade eyelet set
 swirling blouse with buttons up the back, part of a 3 piece set
 with this sheath dress
 and trapeze jacket
 beyond adorable 80s watermelon dress
 crazy bright 80s neon "jungle" top
 with extra large hood
 beautiful plaid blouse
 by Ladybird
 stunning olive cocktail dress with flirty hem
 by Eddie Nober, perfect for fall
 unisex child's jacket (3T)
 Gorgeous little kid's party dress
 with silver lurex, little buttons
 and a matching under dress
 cutest little drummer boy knit jumper
 embroidered little drummer.
 gorgeous purple leather pumps
 adorable little girl's hat in red and white with extra long ribbon, might save this one for easter ;)
 red bow vinyl clutch
 and now for more little girl's dresses...
 50s Nannette dress with lace trim
 50s Nannette dress with embroidered bow
 cutest ever embroidered eyelet apron dress
 little boat collar tent dress
 Aaaaannnnd I found the most adorable 50s sailor dress
 is this not the most adorable thing you've ever seen? Its SOOOOOOO cute! This one will be staying with me. Its just too cute to let go of (for now)
And this sweet little ruffle suspender romper. Too late in the season to list this year so it will be packed away for next summer (or for my personal baby clothes collection)


Bunny Moreno (Pinup Mama) said...

Love, Love, Love your finds!!! Need to get thrifting soon!! LOL

art deco dame said...

ah all the baby stuff makes me *almost* want another