reason for the season

I'd like to thank everyone who made a purchase at the sale! I really appreciate it and I've got a little sneak preview for you at what is hitting the shop soon...these are just SOME of the items I've picked up this week. As you know I do my best to rescue as much vintage as I can from thrift shops during the halloween season so that they dont see a terrible fate covered in fake blood, ripped or chopped into a mini *shutter*. If you're looking for good (cheap) vintage check out your local thrifts about this time of year. They bring out a lot of vintage to put in with the halloween costumes. Such a shame. 


Anonymous said...

Is that a skirt on the far right? If yes, what size and how much?


Miss Emmi said...

Is that novelty print I spy? WANT

Apothecary Inn said...

Halloween is the BEST time to shop at the Goodwill, since - as you correctly said - they put out all of their vintage items as "costumes." Just last Saturday I rescued a GORGEOUS 1920s/1930s dress that had been marked as a "witch costume." The mannequin it had been on at the thrifty was a little too big for the dress, so some of the bodice lace had been torn when they put it on as well as took it off the mannequin (*cry*), but I think it's repairable. I have also found some fab dresses, hats, and even gorgeous condition vintage FURS in the costume section at Halloween time!! HAPPY HUNTING! :)

P.S. - If you are curious about the "flapper dress" I was referring to above, you can see it here:

Anonymous said...

did you score a forest/cabin theme circle skirt?!?!?! sweeeeeeeeet :)

Bombshell Bettie said...

ok, for those of you interested in the novelty skirt its a 27 waist and will be $89 in the shop. I have to add a couple hook and loops to the waist but i'll get it up asap. thanks!