Dressing the Bump (vintage)

I've been looking and looking and vintage maternity clothes are practically impossible to find. There are plenty of patterns out there and if you've got a sewing machine and don't suck at sewing that would be your best bet for that "vintage look". Especially because most of the vintage maternity clothes you find out there are over $100 because of the rarity. Plus I'm not a big fan of the "suit" style. And that seems to be all you can find. I wish i would've bought one of the 40s maternity dresses exquisite bones or fabgabs had a while back. I haven't seen another like them since. I did break down and buy myself one of the classic 50s tent maternity tops with the most adorable "city" print and tie neck. I sure do hope it fits for a while. The bust measurement is already what I'm at right now and the arms look pretty small so I am hoping I'll be able to open them up or I may just have to pass it on.
Here is my top:
Isn't it darling? I love the pockets!
Well fingers crossed for this one (from Vogue Vintage).

In the mean time lets have a look at some of the other 50s maternity clothes you can find on etsy.
 here is a great mid-century suit from fabgabs
 and another from fabgabs that would look great this autumn!
 this one is probably not "maternity" but I would die for something like this in my size. It looks so comfy. thegreedyseagull
 Great 2 piece maternity suit in polka dot from re-cultivation
 This is new to etsy, a little late for summer...but is it not the cutest thing you've ever seen? Great for you Aussie's who are seeing summer soon! vimvigorvintage
 NOS suit from Jumblelaya with great tab and button details
If you're looking for the best deal on etsy check out this shop, two amazing maternity outfits...obviously need a steam but they're very well priced (plus there is a coupon code in her banner)...just a smidge too small for me or i would've snatched them up.
And I thought I would share this pattern because I just adore the photo from it. Two overly-stylish women in their heels with a pair of knitted baby booties. It just cracked me up. I love it.


Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

you can also try this shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/miskabelly
I wore most of my regular wardrobe throughout my pregnancy. The good thing about vintage is that it often has a full skirt and a high waist! Towards the end, it was a little more difficult to find things that would fit. I did find some really cute 60's dresses with enough stretch that they didn't pull or ride up. I kind of liked that modern look of showing the belly off with the vintage twist.

Twila Jean said...

SOOO many goodies on etsy right now. I saw that shirt had sold and I HOPED you had nabbed it. perfect mama! I am so excited for you!!!!

Jen O said...

It looks like you'll be having fun looking for a whole new kind of vintage, congrats!