Thursday Thrift

It sure was mean of me to give you that sneak peek. I'll show you everything I bought this week. Oh man there are some goodies in there, let me tell ya.
 40s striped pinafore. this one needs a little work but i'll try to get it up in the shop soon.
 love this gorgeous MOD dress (here)
 This sasson dress is perfect for summer for you aussies are lucky you'll be seeing warm weather right about now. Its ties on the sides and the little ruffles. precious!
The best folksy vest and skirt set by Jantzen (here)
 I love dresses like this, great ruffle sleeves and lace trim. Several different florals. Great dress for autumn transitions.
 The perfect pink party dress with an extra full skirt, cummerbund waist and
 the cutest little bow in back. also has a built in crinnie!
 single sleeve asymmetric cocktail gown. so beautiful for the holidays.
 The best novelty print skirt. cowboys and indians. so darling!
 The perfect calico skirt for autumn (here)
 bright floral circle skirt with ric rac trim
 crazy pattern hot pants with a metallic silver sheen.
 the perfect plaid petal pushers in autumn colors!
 look at the cute button details!
 probably wont see these till summer but NOS 70s canvas platforms
Adorable white wicker purse with dark wood handles. Love this one. I will get it  up asap!

All these will be listed (and then some) plus be on the look out for jewelry and holiday dresses coming soon!


Proctor&Cruz Designs said...

Ohh these are so nice!
I love the 4th dress, the print is so pretty!! x

Florence Annie Frost said...

I LOVE the blue dress. Very cute!

Apothecary Inn said...

I bow down in awe over your thrifting mojo. WOWSA! OK, there are about 5 dresses (including the pretty pink one!) that I desperately want to buy from you!!

moirasmuse said...

OMG. Those pants! Hope they are in my size!

MeggieLoveday said...

Is the cowboys and indians skirt for sale?
If so can I please buy it?

Anonymous said...

Nice hauls. I like the dresses. Will you sell them in the future?

Bombshell Bettie said...

everything will be up in the shop asap!

art deco dame said...

Eeeeee!Great score this week!

Natalie Stone said...

Ooooh, I want that pinafore dress!

swirleygirley a vintage life said...

the pink party dress is wonderful! so pretty and I love the cowboys and Indians skirt! fabulous finds! xx