Wednesday Thrift

Found some gorgeous dresses yesterday :) Great looks for fall and winter...many of them will be making an appearance this weekend!
 Gorgeous turquoise corduroy dress with rhinestone button at neck
 80s handmade cranberry cocktail dress
 beautiful geometric shirtwaist dress
 orange sheath dress
 purdy swirl dress with floral skirt
 60s MOD romper
 fantastic aqua tutu in an adult size S/M
 hawaiian sun dress in bold blue and white with built in bra
bright cherry bloomers with lace legs, oh lala!

That's all for this week, be on the look out for that giveaway..starting soon!


art deco dame said...

great finds!!

Stephanie Lynn said...

I love the turquoise dress!

Dolly the Bird said...

Every week, such pretty things! Where on earth do you 'thrift'??? I NEVER find gems like this, let alone on a weekly basis!! All the thrifties where I live are filled with cheap, 90s and later Wal Mart cast offs!!!
Love that tutu, btw!!!