Thursday Thrift...on Friday

Sorry, as you know I'm behind on everything. Even my usual thursday thrift post. So here is the long and short of it...
unused girdles x4 + one with a split leg

all in the shop
wrap dress (here)
houndstooth shorts (here)
black and tan dress (here)
ship on canvas
"fishing" wall decor
lots of chalkware
great 80s chains
Judy Garland Frock

needs a lot of work, may be some time before its in the shop
plus size exotic print sheath

color block column dress

paint splatter suit with cups

70s gunne sax style dress

with shawl and belt
70s baby two piece
and a sailor dress.

30% Off sale in my shop today and that great wedding dress from last week got its photos today so you should be seeing that soon.


Iron Orchid does Separates

As you know, long-time sponsor Iron Orchid Vintage has great dresses & accessories..but did you know they've got an extensive collection of separates too? skirts, sweaters, blouses and suits all ready to find a place in your wardrobe!
How about this sweet 50s gingham blouse?!
This statement making Escada suit
wear together or pair with jeans and that jacket is doing double duty!
beautiful green, blue and teal skirt. Great summer colors!
is it a dress? is it a shirt? its both!
even ponchos do double duty!
sweeter than sugar! love this 60s blouse!
classic plaid button down, great for layering!
feminine and masculine traits give this skirt new life with every outfit
classic pink plaid skirt. who doesn't need one of these?
Whoa! bold and beautiful novelty print silk jacket
eep this skirt is way too cute, wool wiggle skirt with embroidered leaves
classic 60s throw-on-and-go jacket is the finishing touch your outfit is looking for.
can you get enough of that collar detail? me either.
black an white trim ruffle blouse
perfect striped sweater
crop top alert! beautiful brocade crop top!
perfect 70s sweater in the perfect neutral
and the neutral plaid
striped skirt with pleated waist. oh la la!

Lots more so you'll have to stop by their shop to see things like this, this and more.



I know I've been so bad this month about getting blog posts done. I've only got a week left of the month and I still have a giveaway and 3 sponsor featurettes to do. I'm also behind on my listings. I still have almost 1/2 the items from my thursday post left to get up in the shop and I'm hoping to do that tomorrow. I also bought more items today and I'm hoping to get those up this week too. Lots of unworn panty style shapers. Very cute. But anyway since i'm slacking so bad I'm doing a double-outfit post from my long weekend.

bikini pictured is already sold, sorry.

Dress: 1950's/1960's Raleigh Vintage
Sweater: modern, thrifted
Pin: 1940's, thrifted
Belt: 1980s, thrifted
Shoes: 1970s, SadieDeluxe
Something from the 40s-today...neat-o.


the reason there are two pairs of shoes is that I changed out of my heels after a while, i forgot I had a blister on my toe from my morning walks with the hubs and it was not feeling too awesome in those.

Dress: 1960s, Capricious Traveler
Necklace: Handmade by my hubs
Belt: modern, thrifted
Shoes 1: (heels) modern, ebay
Shoes 2: (flats)vintage 1980s, thrifted