35% Off Today

Hey everyone. I'm having a 35% off sale today 10am -tomorrow 10am to buy myself a dress....i know, its selfish but I want this dress HARD and I think I've earned it!
So go to my shop and save 35% so I can buy myself something pretty. ♡
Also check out Capricious Traveler, the shop where this gorgeous dress is currently home. The shop is filled with GORGEOUS pieces!


Leanna said...

Thanks for sharing your sale... I just bought myself a dress! :) Can't wait to show it off on my blog. I'm a little worried about the color and how it'll look on me (I only have one other orange thing so I don't have much to compare to), but even if it doesn't work for me I'll find a friend to give it to. Thank you!

Bombshell Bettie said...

aww thanks hun. that dress is super bright and i'm sure will look great on you! :)