Thursday Thrift...on Friday

Sorry, as you know I'm behind on everything. Even my usual thursday thrift post. So here is the long and short of it...
unused girdles x4 + one with a split leg

all in the shop
wrap dress (here)
houndstooth shorts (here)
black and tan dress (here)
ship on canvas
"fishing" wall decor
lots of chalkware
great 80s chains
Judy Garland Frock

needs a lot of work, may be some time before its in the shop
plus size exotic print sheath

color block column dress

paint splatter suit with cups

70s gunne sax style dress

with shawl and belt
70s baby two piece
and a sailor dress.

30% Off sale in my shop today and that great wedding dress from last week got its photos today so you should be seeing that soon.


Anonymous said...

wow! what incredible thrift treasures! I never find stuff as good or old at the thrift stores near me!
I love that gunne sax style dress and the ruffly green one! I'll have my eye on the shop for when it comes up!

Frankly My Dear said...

if i was still a toddler i would love that sailor suit. it's so adorable! i really love the colour of the judy garland dress and the black and tan dress is another favourite!
what amazing finds!

Sadie Rose said...

no fair, i want it all!!!