Thursday Thrift

I've enjoyed my day off so. We did lots of thrifting and running around today. Crazy weather, hail when we left the house, then the sun started shining and its been quite lovely and warm the rest of the day. Went to lots of shops I haven't been to in a while so it was fun to visit again. I picked up some pieces earlier this week as well...have a look..
tooled leather purse with vivid colors. (here)
this sweet little white deer is already up in my shop (here)
bronze leather purse with gold frame that opens like a diamond (here)
blue, purple sun dress (sold)
beautiful super full teal skirt
adorable cross stitch embroidered record player
Beautiful tie front "gunnies" skirt my Jessica McClintock
This poor dress, its currently soaking, its so pretty, the lace is gorgeous, shelf bust.. I sure hope I can restore it, but i'm afraid this will end up an as-is piece.
This 40s cotton dress with cord neck and the sweetest little bows...awwww
it also has a very full skirt
this cotton skirt is perfect for summer 27-28 in waist
lace trim 70s mini day dress
handmade 60s little girl's dress
gingham little girl's dress with velvet bows and daisy embroidery
OH EM GEE original Ariel sweatshirt from 1989...so flipping awesome!!!
adorable sunny yellow day dress wit velvet ribbon trim and lace on the skirt
woven cutch with toggle clasp and navy trim
matching wallet!
so pretty souvenir for washington state chiffon scarf with washington state..
the space needle
mt rainier and the capital building
super cute 60 woven straw bag with flowers and wood handles and cotton lining
2 long chiffon scarfs one with white/orange and coral
gorgeous cameo with faux pearl trim and bows...so romantic
beautiful blue screw back earrings
late 60s/early 70s blouse with green cherry print

Love this butter yellow cocktail dress with very unique trim
with matching vest...yes, a vest with more of that amazing trim.

that's it for this week. You should see most of this in the shop soon. Speaking of the shop, the 30% off sale is still going until 1 am pacific time so dig into the deals!


The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

Wow wish I could fit in to that Ariel sweater, 5 year old me would have been very excited by it!

Love the tooled bag & the green '40s dress, the bows are so sweet.

Rhianna said...

I love loooove the sunny yellow day dress with velvet ribbon trim!

Anonymous said...

Loving the green cherry print shirt.

blouse said...

i want that little mermaid sweater in big girl size!!!

great finds. some of those dresses are amazing. i especially like the green one.

just found your blog! i like it!! (even though i'm pretty sure i follow you on twitter! haha)