I know I've been so bad this month about getting blog posts done. I've only got a week left of the month and I still have a giveaway and 3 sponsor featurettes to do. I'm also behind on my listings. I still have almost 1/2 the items from my thursday post left to get up in the shop and I'm hoping to do that tomorrow. I also bought more items today and I'm hoping to get those up this week too. Lots of unworn panty style shapers. Very cute. But anyway since i'm slacking so bad I'm doing a double-outfit post from my long weekend.

bikini pictured is already sold, sorry.

Dress: 1950's/1960's Raleigh Vintage
Sweater: modern, thrifted
Pin: 1940's, thrifted
Belt: 1980s, thrifted
Shoes: 1970s, SadieDeluxe
Something from the 40s-today...neat-o.


the reason there are two pairs of shoes is that I changed out of my heels after a while, i forgot I had a blister on my toe from my morning walks with the hubs and it was not feeling too awesome in those.

Dress: 1960s, Capricious Traveler
Necklace: Handmade by my hubs
Belt: modern, thrifted
Shoes 1: (heels) modern, ebay
Shoes 2: (flats)vintage 1980s, thrifted


Sadie Rose said...

so cute. i'm so glad you wear the shoes so much!! you look beautiful.

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

I'm SO envious of the 1960s dress, love the graphic oversized dot print and the way it ties into a bow at the front!

I just bought a similar double heart brooch from a flea market, mine has names on it though and is from the 1939 World's Fair in NYC.

Miss Emmi said...

Love the brown spotty dress! I miss wearing summery things already.

The Witchery Vintage said...

You're adorable! I love those pink shoes!!!xoxo