Shop The Sponsors - Created & Collected

I could use a vacation. We got 1 really lovely sunny day and now i'm craving more! Wouldn't a vacation to a warm, maybe tropical destination be ideal right now. Well of course i would need some great vacation clothes and where to look other than the sponsors? And i'm looking at Created and Collected for hot clothes for hot weather.
 hawaiian vacation anyone?
 ready to hit the beach!
 love this print!
 so pretty for lunch at the cafe
 you've got to have a great bag!
 sexy and flattering
 love this for dinner at the luau
 maybe some dancing?
 this is called the Jamaica set, how perfect is that?!
in love with his bold floral sundress with cape, dont have to worry about burning your shoulders
what vacation would be complete without a great pair of sandals?

Visit Created and Collected to see all the gorgeous things in the shop.
currently, this dress has stolen my heart. How about you?


Shop The Sponsors - Telltale Hearts

I love an illusion neckline and a peek-a-boo back..a hint of extra skin is sometimes what takes a dress to the next level and you'll find plenty of them in sponsor Telltale Hearts, Shop.
 lacey hem
 illusion neckline
 lace neckline
 victorian revival blouse
 cameo neck blouse..so cool
 spaghetti straps
 beautiful merlot maxi
peek a boo back..my favorite way to show some skin

You're going to love all the finds at Telltale Hearts, I promise.
This is my personal favorite.
what is yours?


Shop The Sponsors - Iron Orchid

The weather around here sure can't make up its mind. Is it summer, is it spring, is it winter? who knows? But I must say I'm really looking forward to the warm weather this year. I cannot wait to take my son to the park and BBQ with my friends. I have a feeling this summer is going to be awesome! And what better way to get in the summer mood than buying some summer clothing and who better to buy from than our own sponsor
Iron Orchid Vintage
Here are a few of my favorite summer items in their shop right now..
 classic 60s summer dress
 yellow mini!
 gorgeous paisley
 sailor romper
 pink sun dress
 white prairie
 silver mini
 blue stripe sun dress
hawaiian maxi

lots more great items in the Iron Orchid shop and dont forget her blog!


Thursday Thrift

Hooray, thrifting! Went for the first time last week and again this week. Finally got some lovely weather to take pictures and new items are coming to the shop sooooon! (monday, soon) can't wait!!! Have a look at what is coming..
 black cocktail dress
 with this sweet sunshine shawl
 gorgeous lace dress with flowing nylon skirt
 embroidered sheath dress
 more drsigner ties, hermes, ysl & dior
 lovely embroidered petticoat
 embroidered little girl dress
 tie dye sheath dress
 plaid sun dress with matching cardigan
 leather play suit
cowichan reversible coat
 lovely 70s floral dress

 60s trapeze wedding dress
 satin maxi
 with matching jacket
 orange sheer 60s little grl dress
lace up back
thats all for now, look for some items as early as monday


1000 Sales

 I can hardly believe in under 3 years I've reached 1000 Sales on Etsy.

To thank all my amazing customers I'm having a 40% off Sale starting Thursday night and ending Sunday at midnight.


Vintage Nursery Decor

I'm all about vintage decor in my house. Curtains, chairs, tables, wall decor, bedroom set, lamps..all of it is vintage. So I am extra passionate about having vintage decor in my son's room too. Adding vintage accessories to your nursery is simple, especially if you have a theme or color scheme. Here are my "must adds" to create the perfect vintage accented nursery.

1. Wall Hangings
- There are tons of fun chalkware pieces that are great for kids rooms and if you're not comfortable with chalkwear there are also great 70s plastic wall hangings (like I have) or wood ones.

2. Lamps
- A fun lamp is a great way to add some character to your nursery. You can go with a figural lamp or just a table lamp in a fun color.

3. Book Ends
Kids get a lot of books and you'll probably need a bookshelf eventually but you dont really need a lot of book storage until their first birthday or so..so a set of cute bookends will work great, especially for "special" books that maybe you don't want them to drool all over.

4. Blankets
 - Most people have at least one of these made for them by a friend or family member but they're great for photos, nap time and tummy time. Plus buying vintage is cheaper than having one "custom made"

5. Toys, Nick Knacks
 - I think its really great to add something to your child's room that you had in your room or you remember playing with.

There are lots of other ways to add fun vintage details to your nursery like curtains, hangers, lighting or even furniture! Use your imagination.