Vintage Nursery Decor

I'm all about vintage decor in my house. Curtains, chairs, tables, wall decor, bedroom set, lamps..all of it is vintage. So I am extra passionate about having vintage decor in my son's room too. Adding vintage accessories to your nursery is simple, especially if you have a theme or color scheme. Here are my "must adds" to create the perfect vintage accented nursery.

1. Wall Hangings
- There are tons of fun chalkware pieces that are great for kids rooms and if you're not comfortable with chalkwear there are also great 70s plastic wall hangings (like I have) or wood ones.

2. Lamps
- A fun lamp is a great way to add some character to your nursery. You can go with a figural lamp or just a table lamp in a fun color.

3. Book Ends
Kids get a lot of books and you'll probably need a bookshelf eventually but you dont really need a lot of book storage until their first birthday or so..so a set of cute bookends will work great, especially for "special" books that maybe you don't want them to drool all over.

4. Blankets
 - Most people have at least one of these made for them by a friend or family member but they're great for photos, nap time and tummy time. Plus buying vintage is cheaper than having one "custom made"

5. Toys, Nick Knacks
 - I think its really great to add something to your child's room that you had in your room or you remember playing with.

There are lots of other ways to add fun vintage details to your nursery like curtains, hangers, lighting or even furniture! Use your imagination.


Eartha Kitsch said...

CUTE stuff! I used to have those cat bookends when I was a kid.

MistressCatgirl said...

Lots of great decorations. My mom is known for making crocheted baby blankets. I love those type of blankets. They have been made with love and are a keepsake too.

art deco dame said...

So adorable!