Fall Preview!

I had great luck at this week's treasure hunt. Lots of great fall items. Reds, suits, fringe, pleats, leopard print. Oh yes, it will be awesome! And I'm going to get a new model to help me out with the smaller items! :D

BUT I can't start selling the new inventory until we get rid of some of the old...Summer-end sale continues for another week!
This beautiful mexican dress is new for this week but still on SALE!

Not just a trend for the thin..

...underwear as outerwear. I love the thought of this trend, big in the 80's and now its back thanks to Dior's 2009 Fall Haute Couture collection. I love all the possibilites this opens up in fashion. Corsets on the outside of shirts, bed jackets as boleros and vintage robes as coats the possibilities are endless BUT I was super hesitant to try anything like this because well you wouldn't think it leaves anything to the imagination....You're wearing lingerie on the outside! I haven't seen it done locally (because around here they're at least a year behind the rest of the fashion world. We're just now seeing buffalo plaid tops and that was popular last year.) But Violetville jumped right on the band-wagon with their new releases. So you can see all the possibilites...but what about those of us who don't do extremes or what about if we're not the size of a fashion model? How do we integrate this bold style into our daily lives and don't look like a sausage? Well I have a solution for you! I tried this style myself with on of my favorite vintage slips. I pinned it up under the bust like so it looked like a babydoll top (super flattering for the belly and hips) and wore a vest over it. SO CUTE! It totally worked and looked great. Easy to do, you don't even have to sew. Its easy to find slips at 2nd hand stores for only a few dollars, find one that has a pretty border or pretty bust and pair with a cardigan, a vest, a blazer..you could pretty much use anything...even another piece of lingerie! Super easy and fun. I had a good time wearing it around.


SALE! New Listings Going Strong...

Listings ended yesterday as well the SALE items beginning, HERE THEY ARE for your viewing enjoyment. Most popular item so far (and it was totally expected) The Frederick's of Hollywood 5in sandals!


YAY,,,fall fashions have arrived!

Ok Kats and Kittens its time for your update on fall fashions. What you need, what you have and what you'll want to look amazing! I'll also tell you what vintage equivalent pieces to look for ;)

Whats Hot: Red, Leopard Print, 40's inspired suits and accessories (look for 80's pencil skirts and cropped, fitted blazers), ankle/above-the-knee boots, the re-invented white shirt (look for 70's button down shirts), Origami evening pieces (look for 80's sculpted pieces or avant garde pieces) Leather Bomber jackets with short fur collars (look for 50's blazers with fur collars or Fur collars by themselves and classic 70's bombers {they'll be cheaper than a 40's one}) Silky slip dresses and tops and furs done in every-which-way (long, short, curly, colored)find an acrylic fur coat and dye it for the cheapest thrill and the biggest impact!, Oversized extra large knits. Mens wear suits (look for 80's suit jackets and pair with skinny jeans or just use the jacket with tights or leggings), patterned/brightly colored scooter dresses (60's dresses will work best for this, but a 70's phychedellic print dress would work great too if you reduce the length to above the knee).

Must have accessories: Broaches (mostly flower), Leather gloves in all lengths with embelishments (studs, fur, bold color, opera length, beading, jewels), Fur collars, Wide Belts.

Things you already have from last year thats coming back: Draped dresses/tops, ankle boots, oversized cardigans, tweed skirts, wool jackets in bold colors.

If you can't find these items on your own don't worry. I'll try to start picking up lots of these items for you!

I'll include a couple pix from my vogue to help you visualize.


How things have changed..

I remember as a child Barbie was my favorite toy. Beautiful thick blonde hair, big blue eyes, high heels and lots and lots of outfits! I had trunk loads of outfits for my barbies. That probably started my love of fashion and glamour. My grandma used to buy me vintage clothes for my barbie's at garage sales. I had a strapless rainbow smocked dress, my favorite!
I've always had an affinity for the 1959 barbie. Bedroom eyes, strapless bathing suit, amazing up-do and cat-eye glasses. Gorgeous. This little doll has had such a big influence we've even seen 1959 barbie inspired fashions.
Well...I was so dissapointed when I saw the "Now and Then" Barbie doll. I was already dissapointed with the direction barbie has gone since I stopped "playing" with them. Oversized features, extra long torsos, super thin legs. :S Not good. Now as a child I never payed any attention to the size barbie was. The whole "non realistic measurements" didn't mean anything to me. I was more concerned with dressing her in a new outfit every minute. So I am not a fan of the new barbie body. Well anyway, regardless of all that I was so mad to see this new barbie. Teeny bikini, big hoop earings, super long hair...CELL PHONE, IPOD?! Ok, if you're going to pay tribute then pay tribute..if you're re-inventing, re-invent...but THIS? Well it was a dissapointment. Shame on you Mattel. :/ not good..


This week's inventory preview (SALE ITEMS)

I'll probably be adding more items than just the few new ones and the re-lists. I have a lot of summer inventory right now.


Its just about time to break out the wellies and wool jackets! So its time to get last minute deals on summer items. Sun dresses, summer colors, sandals as well as some autumn preview items like adorable ankle boots!

This week's treasure hunt was fantastic also. Along with the great dresses I got from my co-worker, I also found some super cute items for Autumn (after having a peek through my vogue to see what is going to be popular this fall) Can't wait to get those new items listed but first I have to make room in my tiny closet!

New, New, New!

I've done a lot of "updating" to my methods the past few weeks. A facebook page, a blog and i just finished a new simpler template for my listings. I'm really excited about the way my store is going. I'm gearing up for a SALE, my favorite season is coming up soon. Things are going good for Bombshell Bettie's Vintage. Here is the link I'm going to use in my listings to point people to the blog. :) I really like it!

I'm still working on "Become a Fan" link pictures, I'm hoping to take a cute one tomorrow when I'm taking bathing suit pictures for Violetville's Blog (she requested that I share some of my vintage suits with her)


The great debate..when to switch seasons when selling

As you may have noticed in some stores they have Halloween and autumn things out. I've even seen some with Christmas themed decor lining the shelves. Well with decor you can get it on sale now and put it away for later...when do you start selling autumn clothes? In autumn? Or do you want to have a good SALE going so your buyers can put them away for later? I usually start selling a different season's items when I personally think of buying new items for that season. And let me tell you I'm SO ready for summer to be over with. Its just been too hot and I'm more of a cold-weather lover myself. I'd take a cardigan and boots over a tank top and flip flops any day! Especially now that I've gained weight I really hate to show skin in any area. I dread summer months because I know I can't wear long sleeves anymore :(
Well kiddo's I think its just about time for an "End of Summer Sale" and an "Autumn Preview Sale"...I'll be lowering prices down to $12.99 for EVERYTHING! starting the 25th (Tuesday) so keep an eye out...and don't forget that prices is INCLUDING shipping!


Newest Vintage Pieces (from co-worker)

Oh!!!! I'm so excited for these. Its so hard to find good vintage from the 70's where I live...most if it is old woman's house dresses and polyester stretchy tops. But if you know the right people you can find some beautiful pieces like these! The blue ones are my fav's but I also like the "marilyn-esq" white halter with the matching bolero. Its so hard to find matching jackets and dresses! YAY! The sun dresses should be up within the next few weeks. I think i'll save the polka dot one for fall weather. Its a bit too warm for long sleeves right now.


Violetville is having a SALE!

Oh my! You want to see the best vintage on ebay? visit VioletVille Vintage

Seriously...wow. Plus you can't beat those sale prices!

You never know....

..where you'll find a great vintage piece. I was taking to one of the ladies I work with and we got to talking about hobbies and I told her about selling vintage clothes and she said "oh, well I have some clothes from the 70's if you want to see if you might want them. She brought them in today...holy moley! They're stunning. 70's sundresses and this amazing halter dress with a matching bolero. Stunning pieces. I'm giving her (probably more than I should because I feel bad..one of them is her wedding dress) but...just WOW..the first 2 I pulled out just about made me fall off my chair. I'm picking them up tomorrow. I'll give a sneaky peak then. Teehee. So excited!


Listings End, Listings Begin...the great cycle of eBay..

I always get so antsy the day before auctions end. I check ebay at least once an hour looking for questions and seeing how many bids/watchers my items have. I learned a long time ago that having watchers doesn't mean you're going to have any bidders. I've tried ending auctions on every day of the week and starting anywhere between 6 pm and 10 pm trying to find the best time to get bidders...finally I learned you have to have pieces they don't want to let get by. Something they remember. I don't have nearly the inventory I used to because I only get what I think is a "show-stopper" as I like to call them. A "statement piece" the ultimate. Something they can't live without...and all that for an average of $15 per item (including shipping...cuz shipping is always free). I try not to spend too much because I don't want to charge too much. Being unique and "green" shouldn't cost you more! You're recycling and looking amazing...its a win-win. All on the cheap. I love my job.

I'm also trying to teach myself how to sew (better) so I can start making reproductions..or made from vintage pattern pieces. I have a ton of patterns and I know where to get more patterns from my treasure hunt this weekend. I'd love to look like I came straight out of the 50's every day but finding (and affording) pieces in my size is very difficult..and most of the time when I find one I end up having to sell it. I've already sold 2 of my very favorite pieces. One of them I don't even have pictures of anymore. It was a cherry print dress the zipped up the front and had a sailor collar on it. I was in love with that dress...but of course the first things to go when we're short on cash are my valuable clothing...well I don't have any left...all I have is my wedding dress and Its not worth NEARLY as much as I paid...I even sold my reception dress (which I didn't even wear to my reception) *pictured* I found that dress locally (which is super rare) and it was gorgeous! I'm still mad at myself for getting rid of both the dresses...but not like I can buy them back..unfortunately. So if I could re-create them it would save me a lot of heart ache because my repro's aren't worth as much as originals.


New Inventory Preview!

Ooh I love new inventory! Here are some of the beautiful finds I got on this week's treasure hunt. These items start TUESDAY at 7pm PACIFIC! :D Lots more to come!


Phew, What a day!

Went so many places and saw so many fun things. I'm glad we're finally getting some good vintage furniture round here. I saw some jaw droppers today. Well even after all the different places and new things I saw today I ended up going to my "old faithful" and found a ton of cute new items..doesn't that just figure. ;) Well either way, the new inventory is fantastic. Shops always bring out the best clothing items around fall because of Halloween. Its very exciting. Coming up is cool weather, bright colors and bold patterns. Yay for fall!
XXOO Bettie

1/2 way through this week's treasure hunt...

I had to take a rest to wait for a dear friend to get her lazy bum outta bed...hehe. So i thought I would post some pix of the great things I found so far...I'm not going to post inventory pix until I'm through shopping. :) enjoy!

I just couldn't wait...

I HAD to clean my spare room! I started about an hour and a half ago and just finished...whew, you should see the bags and bags of donation items I have! Its a sad day when no-one loves a vintage treasure but I like giving back to my community too. Maybe one of the locals will fall in love with the vintage my buyers left behind.
I've included pictures (starting at the top) The desks (one with sewing machine is packing/shipping desk and one with random stuff all over is my desk) next is a close up of the shipping desk, I'm so proud I found a place to put all the junk that was all over it..HA! Bottom pix now, the built in and inventory closet..pretty empty right now, inventory is only up to the white skirt, everything else is extra hangers and finally the last pic is the view from the doorway. YAY So happy to finally have it done. Things should be much smoother now and shipping should be faster, lately its been taking me a few days to get things out because it was so hard to find everything. I was packing things in my living room!
Its funny to look at these pictures and see all these things that are so important to me...like that "interesting" mustard shirt. A dear friend gave it to me, it was her mother's. I think its fantastic but I'm sure not a lot of others feel the same..hehehe. Mustard is a hard color to wear. The pink bag hanging from the shipping table was made for me for my last birthday. Its super cute! It has vintage buttons on it! ;) In the closet I can see the veil from my wedding..and I know my wedding dress is in that closet too. Its lovely :) I bought it from a vintage store on ebay..oh gosh I can't remember the name...vintage vortex? something along those lines. I know I overpayed for it but the whole wedding dress story we'll save for another time. Anyways kids. I have to get to getting. I have plenty of shopping to do for your treasures and tomorrow I'll try to have a preview for you
XXOO Bettie