Listings End, Listings Begin...the great cycle of eBay..

I always get so antsy the day before auctions end. I check ebay at least once an hour looking for questions and seeing how many bids/watchers my items have. I learned a long time ago that having watchers doesn't mean you're going to have any bidders. I've tried ending auctions on every day of the week and starting anywhere between 6 pm and 10 pm trying to find the best time to get bidders...finally I learned you have to have pieces they don't want to let get by. Something they remember. I don't have nearly the inventory I used to because I only get what I think is a "show-stopper" as I like to call them. A "statement piece" the ultimate. Something they can't live without...and all that for an average of $15 per item (including shipping...cuz shipping is always free). I try not to spend too much because I don't want to charge too much. Being unique and "green" shouldn't cost you more! You're recycling and looking amazing...its a win-win. All on the cheap. I love my job.

I'm also trying to teach myself how to sew (better) so I can start making reproductions..or made from vintage pattern pieces. I have a ton of patterns and I know where to get more patterns from my treasure hunt this weekend. I'd love to look like I came straight out of the 50's every day but finding (and affording) pieces in my size is very difficult..and most of the time when I find one I end up having to sell it. I've already sold 2 of my very favorite pieces. One of them I don't even have pictures of anymore. It was a cherry print dress the zipped up the front and had a sailor collar on it. I was in love with that dress...but of course the first things to go when we're short on cash are my valuable clothing...well I don't have any left...all I have is my wedding dress and Its not worth NEARLY as much as I paid...I even sold my reception dress (which I didn't even wear to my reception) *pictured* I found that dress locally (which is super rare) and it was gorgeous! I'm still mad at myself for getting rid of both the dresses...but not like I can buy them back..unfortunately. So if I could re-create them it would save me a lot of heart ache because my repro's aren't worth as much as originals.

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