We all have to start somewhere...

Good morning kittens! Its Bettie's first blog attempt. I'll be sharing "treasure hunting" experiences. Posting some "behind the scenes" for BBV headquarters...aka my spare bedroom..hehe. As well as a bunch of random things I want to share with whomever wants to listen...or read as blogs go.

Lets get this blog-thingy going..its 1:20 in the am and I'm looking forward to my treasure hunt. I usually go on friday mornings but this weekend I'm going to a bunch of places I have not been in a while, hoping to find some extra amazing things, so i'll be making a day of it and getting up at the moon-crack of dawn and going everywhere I can think of until my hubs complains about his arms hurting from all the bags. I only take public transportation so it may take me longer to find items but they're totally worth the extra effort when you find a show stopping piece..and I'm hoping to find several saturday. Oh but for now I should probalby get going to bed. I have a busy day of work-work to get through before I can treasure hunt. :P Nighty-Night.

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