I just couldn't wait...

I HAD to clean my spare room! I started about an hour and a half ago and just finished...whew, you should see the bags and bags of donation items I have! Its a sad day when no-one loves a vintage treasure but I like giving back to my community too. Maybe one of the locals will fall in love with the vintage my buyers left behind.
I've included pictures (starting at the top) The desks (one with sewing machine is packing/shipping desk and one with random stuff all over is my desk) next is a close up of the shipping desk, I'm so proud I found a place to put all the junk that was all over it..HA! Bottom pix now, the built in and inventory closet..pretty empty right now, inventory is only up to the white skirt, everything else is extra hangers and finally the last pic is the view from the doorway. YAY So happy to finally have it done. Things should be much smoother now and shipping should be faster, lately its been taking me a few days to get things out because it was so hard to find everything. I was packing things in my living room!
Its funny to look at these pictures and see all these things that are so important to me...like that "interesting" mustard shirt. A dear friend gave it to me, it was her mother's. I think its fantastic but I'm sure not a lot of others feel the same..hehehe. Mustard is a hard color to wear. The pink bag hanging from the shipping table was made for me for my last birthday. Its super cute! It has vintage buttons on it! ;) In the closet I can see the veil from my wedding..and I know my wedding dress is in that closet too. Its lovely :) I bought it from a vintage store on ebay..oh gosh I can't remember the name...vintage vortex? something along those lines. I know I overpayed for it but the whole wedding dress story we'll save for another time. Anyways kids. I have to get to getting. I have plenty of shopping to do for your treasures and tomorrow I'll try to have a preview for you
XXOO Bettie

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