The great debate..when to switch seasons when selling

As you may have noticed in some stores they have Halloween and autumn things out. I've even seen some with Christmas themed decor lining the shelves. Well with decor you can get it on sale now and put it away for later...when do you start selling autumn clothes? In autumn? Or do you want to have a good SALE going so your buyers can put them away for later? I usually start selling a different season's items when I personally think of buying new items for that season. And let me tell you I'm SO ready for summer to be over with. Its just been too hot and I'm more of a cold-weather lover myself. I'd take a cardigan and boots over a tank top and flip flops any day! Especially now that I've gained weight I really hate to show skin in any area. I dread summer months because I know I can't wear long sleeves anymore :(
Well kiddo's I think its just about time for an "End of Summer Sale" and an "Autumn Preview Sale"...I'll be lowering prices down to $12.99 for EVERYTHING! starting the 25th (Tuesday) so keep an eye out...and don't forget that prices is INCLUDING shipping!

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