YAY,,,fall fashions have arrived!

Ok Kats and Kittens its time for your update on fall fashions. What you need, what you have and what you'll want to look amazing! I'll also tell you what vintage equivalent pieces to look for ;)

Whats Hot: Red, Leopard Print, 40's inspired suits and accessories (look for 80's pencil skirts and cropped, fitted blazers), ankle/above-the-knee boots, the re-invented white shirt (look for 70's button down shirts), Origami evening pieces (look for 80's sculpted pieces or avant garde pieces) Leather Bomber jackets with short fur collars (look for 50's blazers with fur collars or Fur collars by themselves and classic 70's bombers {they'll be cheaper than a 40's one}) Silky slip dresses and tops and furs done in every-which-way (long, short, curly, colored)find an acrylic fur coat and dye it for the cheapest thrill and the biggest impact!, Oversized extra large knits. Mens wear suits (look for 80's suit jackets and pair with skinny jeans or just use the jacket with tights or leggings), patterned/brightly colored scooter dresses (60's dresses will work best for this, but a 70's phychedellic print dress would work great too if you reduce the length to above the knee).

Must have accessories: Broaches (mostly flower), Leather gloves in all lengths with embelishments (studs, fur, bold color, opera length, beading, jewels), Fur collars, Wide Belts.

Things you already have from last year thats coming back: Draped dresses/tops, ankle boots, oversized cardigans, tweed skirts, wool jackets in bold colors.

If you can't find these items on your own don't worry. I'll try to start picking up lots of these items for you!

I'll include a couple pix from my vogue to help you visualize.

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