Not just a trend for the thin..

...underwear as outerwear. I love the thought of this trend, big in the 80's and now its back thanks to Dior's 2009 Fall Haute Couture collection. I love all the possibilites this opens up in fashion. Corsets on the outside of shirts, bed jackets as boleros and vintage robes as coats the possibilities are endless BUT I was super hesitant to try anything like this because well you wouldn't think it leaves anything to the imagination....You're wearing lingerie on the outside! I haven't seen it done locally (because around here they're at least a year behind the rest of the fashion world. We're just now seeing buffalo plaid tops and that was popular last year.) But Violetville jumped right on the band-wagon with their new releases. So you can see all the possibilites...but what about those of us who don't do extremes or what about if we're not the size of a fashion model? How do we integrate this bold style into our daily lives and don't look like a sausage? Well I have a solution for you! I tried this style myself with on of my favorite vintage slips. I pinned it up under the bust like so it looked like a babydoll top (super flattering for the belly and hips) and wore a vest over it. SO CUTE! It totally worked and looked great. Easy to do, you don't even have to sew. Its easy to find slips at 2nd hand stores for only a few dollars, find one that has a pretty border or pretty bust and pair with a cardigan, a vest, a blazer..you could pretty much use anything...even another piece of lingerie! Super easy and fun. I had a good time wearing it around.

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